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June 15th 2009
Published: June 16th 2009
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Our PozzieOur PozzieOur Pozzie

This is our set-up small but adequate
June 15, 2009

What a beautiful morning, we were warm and we were still here. Chris is eager to see the mountains, and pops out the tent as soon as his eyes open. There are plenty campers in the campsite, and we get dressed in our warmest clothes. We start putting the rest of our camping gear up and make it home.

When all is done we make a nice breakfast with some mutton sausages and semi toasted bread with cheese. It is so good and we finish off everything.

We drive to the info centre to get some necessities and to get a map of all the walks in the area. We plan our routes of walks we want to do. We both take out our laptops and look like total yuppies sourcing the Internet and reading emails. Chris gets bored and decides to explore the hill behind our tent. I’m stuck to my chair and don’t feel any need to move.

Once Chris is back from his walk we get things ready for dinner, he has a special recipe for chicken and I sit and watch as he plays chef in our basic kitchen. We

Mutton Sausages and toast
decide it is time for a shower before the dark is upon us and the cold sets in. I take a long hot bath and my body is aching.

When I return to the camp, Chris has got a fire going and a bottle of wine ready. I set us a nice table and we play some scrabble. The chicken looks yummy and my belly is screaming for food and my mouth watering from the delicious smell. I cook us some pasta and sauce and we sit down and lick our fingers off when we dig into that chicken, it was probably the nicest tasting chicken. Sorry Uncle KFC, but my man’s chicken is better. We set up his laptop and get into bed for some Indiana Jones.

The wind is howling outside and I wake up several times during the night to check if the tent and everything is still standing. My body is hurting from the cold, and my nose is burning from the dry air. I finally fall asleep.

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Very intenseVery intense
Very intense

He is watching them very intensly to make sure they dont burn

Our basic dinner table... Hey at least we have a table cloth

Only a part of the mountain that surrounds us

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