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December 19th 2010
Published: December 20th 2010
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I woke up with a headache and feeling cranky. My trip to the beach was canceled because of the monsoon rain. I went down to the dining area and ate a breakfast of millet porridge and milk. They were also serving a special, xalwo, which is a jelly-like candy made from water, sugar and honey. I ate half of the bread and left the other half untouched on the plate. In Somalia, it's polite to leave a little bit of food to show you were given enough to eat, and treated kindly. Afterward there was nothing interesting to do, so I spent the rest of the day lounging and looking for anything else interesting about the country.

I found out that there's no truly functioning national government in Somalia and the local long form (name) for Somalia is Jamhuuriyada Demuqraadiga Soomaaliyeed. Somalis like to make pottery and wood carvings. The official language is Somali though some also speak English, Arab, and Italian. I found out that in 1884, the colonial powers divided Somalia into British Somaliland in the north and Italian Somaliland in the south. In the early 20th century, the Somalis began to rebel and they finally gained independence in 1960.


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