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November 3rd 2011
Published: November 3rd 2011
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Hey everyone - greetings from paradise! We landed in Sao Tome this afternoon and I will say - it's like a touch of Paradise. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous - and HOT!

It was a pretty uneventful day, actually. We were all up and at 'em at the Keekerok Lodge in Kenya, ready for our early flight back to Nairobi - and then on to our own aircraft and off to Sao Tome. It was a 4 hour 30 minute flight - allowing enough time for lunch, naps, visits, etc.

We landed in Sao Tome - very small airport - very small town - absolutely beautiful resort hotel. The view from the terrace is just breath-taking!

A few of us hopped in a cab, once we had settled in to our rooms, and headed into town. Sao Tome is known for the world's best coffee, seafood and gourmet chocolate - so, I was on a mission. Yup - find that gourmet chocolate - and find it, I did. The thing is it's so HOT here that I could only buy enough that I would eat pretty much right away. I know - tough job - but I did it, LOL.

We had a buffet dinner in the dining room - and then it was off to bed for everyone because we had changed our watches by 3 hours and that time change was starting to hit home - we were tired.

So, it's off to bed for me, too - enjoy the 'tour' of Sao Tome through the pictures. Quaint little town - we're only here for one night - it's actually a fuel stop as we head on our way to Senegal, Dakar tomorrow - and that's where I will write the next blog entry.

Just wanted to give you a little taste of this piece of Paradise.

(Good night, Mom - I love you lots and sending hugs and prayers.)

Happy Pat

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3rd November 2011

So clean, so quaint...
I have been enjoying every word and every pic (even the ones with mismatched captions - too funny!) from your blogs. Thank you so much for letting me "be along for the ride" on Gord and Ila's great adventure. Love you Mom and Dad xo Lynne
3rd November 2011

Save some chocolate for me...
Gourmet chocolate, are you kidding me? Plus the tropical pictures are really making me envious. Kinda reminds me a bit of Roatan, but Roatan IS nicer.. At this point anything hot & tropical would be amazing. Have some chocolate for me (that way the calories don't count ;-)
4th November 2011

Sao Tome
Where exactly is Sao Tome? I have never heard of it before this.
4th November 2011

I liked the sao-tome and principe currency.I would like a piece of that currency please? I also liked the zebras, giraffes and elephants in Kenya and liked the hot air balloons.
4th November 2011

A little bit of paradise
What an incredible beauty! Pat, your blog is great. Thanks for sharing.
4th November 2011

Heading to Iceland......
Hi Gugga, Thanks for your comments on the blog - we are having a great trip. We are just leaving Sao Tome - heading to Dakar this afternoon. We'll be in Iceland before you know it. Would be nice to see you - we have 'free time' on Tuesday, Nov. 8th in the afternoon - we're staying at the Meridien N'Fis Hotel. Pat
4th November 2011

Not sure where exactly Sa0-tome is but I'll take it. Got power back day 6. Limited Gas but enough to heat this place and have hot water. Next few weeks digging up the back yard to find the corrupted gas leak...never gets boring when you own a home...How's Mom??? I will have some time this weekend to go back and give a closer look to what I have missed over the week. Still may have to jump ship on DWTS, can't get over my anger re: david being bounced before hope, nancy or rob..... xoxoxo

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