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April 23rd 2015
Published: May 31st 2015
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Pre-election tensions in Burundi meant people started to flee the country in fear for their lives. The first refugees went into Rwanda in April and Murray was there to help organise land and set up a new camp for the arrivals. Building a camp in a day, I'm extremely proud of the work Murray is doing, he is able to really help people. People that run from their homes in fear of their lives, not knowing how long they will be gone for. Here is Murray's breakdown of his busy week in Rwanda.

21 April: Meeting with Minister for approval of the site plan concept for Mahama Camp.

22 April: Construction of Transit Centre and arrival of first refugees.

23 April: New Baby is safely delivered at the Transit Centre and named Mahama

24 April: Household Plot Demarcation for the camp begins

25 April: Construction of Camp begins (family shelters, water supply, and sanitation facilities)

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31st May 2015

Also Proud
Hy guys. Miriam, it's not only you who are proud of Murray. We are too. That is an awesome achievement. So sad that it is necessary, but wonderful that Murray can get it done so quickly and well. Let's pray that stability returns.
31st May 2015

Well done
Great job Murray with big time restraints
2nd June 2015

Great work
Hi Murray & Miriam Great catching up with some news of you both. Still doing valuable work and helping bring hope and encouragement to so many suffering people. Kids &families. Keep it up Regards. Pete. & Sue

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