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Africa » Reunion » Saint Denis July 15th 2017

July 15, 2017 - I was up by 7am today and went out for a chocolate bready thing for breakfast. I had planned to bring it home to eat it, but found it has disappeared by the time I got back. Delphine got home at 8am - exactly 24 hours after leaving. She went to visit a friend yesterday and decided to stay over night. We chatted a bit and she when she got online she told me that the volcano I visited the other day erupted yesterday. I wish I could have see that! Then somehow it was already 9:15 and time to go, as I had decided to take the 9:30am bus to get to St. Louis, and from there the 11:56 to St. Denis, the capital of the island (Paris is still the ... read more
New ocean highway
View from the St. Denis bus station
St. Denis by bus

Africa » Reunion » Saint Denis May 4th 2016

REUNION - 15th April The volcanic island of Reunion is about 115 miles southwest of Mauritius, it is an overseas department of France and most people live in the capital St Denis. Reunion has been A French department since 1946, the island is not without it's problems - very high unemployment rate, the occasional volcanic eruption and severe batterings from passing cyclones. Tourism is growing in importance although most visitors are from France. The cruise terminal is fairly new and St Denis is about 9'miles from Le Port where the ship berthed. They are building a new motorway and bridges from the port to St Denis - in the sea because of the falling cliffs. This is being financed by the EU and ultimately by us (at present). St Denis is the largest of the French ... read more

Africa » Reunion » Saint Denis August 2nd 2015

Reunion is an intriguing travel destination. Situated less than an hour's flight from Mauritius, all of a sudden visitors are transplanted in to the EU. This is despite the fact the island is way out here in the Indian ocean, and close to the coast of Africa. It's almost surreal getting your head around seeing EU number plates on the cars as they zoom past, and becoming accustomed to the French language and culture that pervades this beautiful island. The French are fully committed to Reunion as an overseas department, so in many respects the locals are privileged to enjoy the world class infrastructure, roads, and bus service provided at a level comparable to Europe. The island is home to one of the most active volcanoes in the world, and although she last blew off a ... read more
Street in Saint-Paul
Saint-Gilles port
Beautiful colours

Africa » Reunion » Saint Denis June 18th 2013

On our flight from Tana to St.Denis, We are above the clouds and I can see the beautiful colors of sunset, flying on Air Austral's twin propeller plane, we are very excited to be moving on to a new adventure, not a lot of people know about this tiny island in the Indian Ocean, most of the tourists that come here are French and a few Europeans, I myself only found out about this island while researching about the Madagascar trip, since I am already on this part of the world, why not pay it a visit, the photos on the internet looks amazing, and hiking is it's best attraction. Soon as we arrived at the airport in St.Denis, you can instantly see the difference, the terminal is clean, everybody speaks French, I feel like I ... read more
road to Cilaos

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