Nigeria-to Abuja quest for Angolan Visas May 26-June 3

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June 3rd 2009
Published: June 3rd 2009
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Nigerian RoadsNigerian RoadsNigerian Roads

en route to Abuja
We entered Nigeria at Chikanda(where?) This godforsaken tiny outpost does not see many travellers and we were about to see why. This was the beginning of 3 days of the worst roads I have seen. 3 days of bouncing frayed nerves and giant thunderstorms. The road was so busy that one night we camped on it-no traffic all night except a couple of cows coming to drink from the giant potholes (I mean swimming pools). On Thursday 28 May we arrived in Abuja. We headed straight for the Sheraton Hotel where , like those who went before camped in their grounds. Imagine 25 some dirty overlanders camping and cooking at the Sheraton-all using free internet sitting around using the pool and the hot showers all for free-- that was us. Abuja is a big city new buildings and quite unlike Nigeria-beautiful Mosque and Cathedral within 200 metres of each other.We have been stuck while we wait and hope for the elusive Angolan visas. ather than go stir crazy ,Annie and I headed for Jos for a few days to visit our friend Joshua Sule ,a Doctor we met at the School of Tropical Medicine in Liverpool last year. We had a
Nigerian ChildrenNigerian ChildrenNigerian Children

A typical truck scene
fantastic time-treated to Nigerian food and hospitality and seeing the hospital in great detail. Back in Abuja we wait!

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