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October 9th 2005
Published: October 9th 2005
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so it's the mini hot season here in niger and we played in a softball tournament this weekend. whoo
we had a game in the heat of the day yesterday on a dilapadated field that just emanated heat. and our pitchers couldn't pitch so they were very lonnnnnng innings. we were in the social leauge and got beat by three teams of kids and the peace corps team from burkina faso
but we got on the board and made good plays(a double play by me, oh yea) and HAD FUN!
one of the teams of kids had this tiny third baseman with a glove of fire, he caught everything we sent to him and then got a homerun himself
the japanese peace corps had a killer team in the "proffesional league" they were so fun to watch. not only did their innings go super fast but their supporters had squeaky toys and noisemakers and they hurled themselves around the bases
after the hottest and last game of the day yesterday i just stood in the shower in the bathroom in my clothes, they were dry in 15 minutes
we're going to the awards banquet tonight, not to collect anything shiny to put on our wall, just for the enchiladas...mmm cheese...


11th October 2005

hot to cold
Howdy Lili, Keep up the blog, it's very informative. We had a typical colorado experience. 82 degrees saturday in colo springs visiting your cuz, 8 inches of snow monday morning, leading to a 9 1/2 hr. flight back to portland. a little hard to relate to the sweltering heat you face every day. love, tomas

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