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September 19th 2005
Published: September 19th 2005
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we're usually our big group of girls taking multiple taxis at night going someplace, we squeeze four in the back and two up front, no seat belts. sometimes if the taximan sees cops and gets nervous he tells us to hide the person in the middle...
it costs 200 cfa
about 40 cents anywhere unless you get ripped off
in the day time, when it's just one or two of us, you can hail an almost full taxi cause they take people in packs.
never get in a taxi before saying your destination
sometimes i'll say where i want to go and without so much as a "no, sorry" they drive off
but there are always cabs pretty readily available
most taximen are skilled drivers, adequetely aggressive, dodging the donkey pulled carts, wheel barrow vedors, goats, pot holes, motorbikes, bicycles.
i haven't figured out the logic of the right of way at the rond points, round-abouts, yet.
horns are used a lot, but only during the day oddly...


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