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September 6th 2005
Published: September 6th 2005
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i bought some brown linen today
and some school supplies
a plain notebook and a harry potter notebook!
and 4 solanis
yogurt in a bag
i know where i'm going too!
it was really liberating, me and handu(from connecticut going to george town, name means 'moon') were walking around and just arbitrarily, but not really, took a street and it took us right to the petit marche
the bustling petit marche
with meat frying on the street and bundles of chickens carried around by their feet
where i am a valued customer cause i'm white
and tomatoes pile in enticing pyramids
and we knew how to get back too
the grand scheme of things map is clicking in my head
i have upper lip sweat


8th September 2005

hot and humid
upper lip sweat.....yup got that one. I like reading your stories! I hope you haven't got the sweat in the eye yet.....ick

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