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July 31st 2010
Published: November 15th 2010
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Day 8, hangovers are gone, and it's the day of the wedding!!!
First stop the Cape Cross Seal Colony, thousands of seals laying, honking and stinking on the beach. We can't stay too long as the smell is too bad, they are cute though. The rest of the day is mainly driving to the next bush camp, this one has a pre built drop toilet with even a toilet pan placed over the hole, could do with better netting though as anyone walking past can see you! This camp is surrounded by rocks, which some people opt for sleeping on, the scenery is stunning.
A local takes us for a bush walk and explains how the locals live. There is no running water for them so they have a 10km walk to collect water which they do every few days with a donkey. The area did get a money injection from a few film crews and they also brought animals to the area which they left behind. We have a few plants explained, many have medicinal properties but one is poisonous. We also see some bushman paintings from thousands of years ago, no-one can explain their meaning but they seem to be similar styles all across Southern Africa.
As sun sets over the mountains, it's time to prepare for the wedding. The chairs are arranged with an aisle up to the fire pit with pink balloons leading the way. The bride and bridesmaids have their hair done and dress up, the priest wears a sarong and prepares the vows, the wedding music is ready and then papa walks the bride down the aisle. The vows were less than conventional and barely repeatable in polite company, but hilarious nonetheless. The wedding kiss is a bit flaky as Megan has insisted it's a pure marriage as it is fake after all, at least it gives us a chance to party and dance after we've served barbq-ed fish and veg curry anyway!
The strip night gatecrashers from the hen do are parked up by us, and as our camp fire is always the most lively they stumble over. This time they are also drunk but tempt everyone to try smoking elephant dung... Not pleasant, but they claim it has health benefits, we find out on every following bushman walk that this is nonsense and locals only use it as an mosquito repellent and then not even smoked! Leads to a hilarious evening anyway.

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