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Africa » Mozambique » Northern » Mocímboa da Praia June 2nd 2011

It's rumoured - between travellers, in the guidebooks, and on websites -to be full of pickpockets, hustlers and con-men, and I'd hoped to bypass it by catching a dhow from Tanzania to Mozambique. But with the dhow non-existent, my only option was to cross the border via the somewhat notorious Rovuma River crossing. And it turned out to be everything it was rumoured to be - a beautiful place to be fleeced, but fleeced I was. The crossing began with a bent Tanzanian border official who demanded 2000 shillings (80p) to leave the country. I refused and bluffed, at which point he let me pass, only to point out, behind my back, my rucksack on the truck to one of his cronies outside. I took it as a signal to leave as quickly as possible, and ... read more

Africa » Mozambique » Northern » Mocímboa da Praia May 22nd 2008

the things that have happened! i tucked out of mtwara on sunday. saturday night my friend Osman had his wedding party in a strange square roofless courtyard of red brick, big enough to host the entire village inside. the stars and moon and some dusty clouds were the light as a team of young fellows continually fed an old CD player that was hooked up to some very big speakers in the corner. from the far end of the village and up the ridge to the old boma hotel, about two kilometers walk, the Swahili hip-hop came through clear enough. the center of the courtyard was occupied by fifty boys in their mid twenties, dancing away in a very African american brooklyn way. around the edges of this mass some very young children, aged five to ... read more

Africa » Mozambique » Northern » Mocímboa da Praia August 5th 2007

It's great when you have three days of motorbike riding madness in front of you to remember that when the destination is reached you can reap the rewards of cheap fresh seafood and even more refreshing cocktails! Leaving the delights of Malawi was comforted by the fact that the women were even more beautiful in Mozambique flaunting outrageously bright-coloured kangas and matching head-dress....slightly distracting! The roads were a disruptive disaster of zigzags across the 'almost completed' new road dipping in and out of river-fords then back onto dry chokingly dusty dirt roads, the journey broken up by our first flat tyre of the trip! Not to worry, 15 helpers suddenly appeared out of nowhere to claim a chance to help the muzungu or at least stand around and stare! And boy can they stare...for hours and ... read more
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