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December 6th 2008
Published: December 6th 2008
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the excitement starts
I still cannot write the actually name of "My Town" because chances are that somewhere out there amongst my thousands and thousands of loyal readers there is someone so repulsed by my audacity to continuously publish a public journal about ME and MY LIFE that revealing my exact location would only put a bulls eye on my back for that someone to come here and put an end once and for all to the Fresh Prince of Mozambique. I can't allow it. The show must go on.

Please be warned, if you are not related to me or even if you are, you will find almost none of these photos at all interesting.

Its just a few days of walking around my town. No elephants or lions were out on those days, but I'll try for the next blog entry.

Anytown Mozambique

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a friendly neighbora friendly neighbor
a friendly neighbor

the view from the road
a roada road
a road

that goes past our hospital and main market

combinations of green and brown
dual purposedual purpose
dual purpose

trucks always serve to carry supplies and people. That way the driver can transport his supplies and then charge people for rides along the way
the crossroadsthe crossroads
the crossroads

i dont know if you can see it, but the colorful billboard is written in english telling drivers to drive safely and avoid HIV....
a large clearing...a large clearing...
a large clearing...

that leds to my house. The small building is a community based association and they hold all their meetings under the shade provided by the large trees you see
neighborhood activityneighborhood activity
neighborhood activity

my house is the white one located straight ahead in the distance
water sourcewater source
water source

one of our wells on the left. The wells are all very dry right now because of the lack of rain

now with bars on the windows and doors! how inviting!
its hot outits hot out
its hot out

a dirt road that leads past.....(see next picture for pictorial answer)
our soccer field!our soccer field!
our soccer field!

just looks like a bunch of dirt you say? how big of you to look down your nose at a poor rural African community
this 14 year old...this 14 year old...
this 14 year old...

is probably just about the best english speaker in town...other than myself...and my canadian missionary neighbors...
my second mommy second mom
my second mom

she feeds me lunch and reminds me to take baths
cleaning upcleaning up
cleaning up

washing hands before lunch

i wanted this carpenter to build a futon, so i am testing the sturdiness. The people here have never heard of this couch/bed idea, so when i explained it, many thought i was some sort of furniture genius. I told i was, and that it was my original idea

my town is now in full fledged mango season, its great

the same mom from the last picture...with a baby on her back...with her second youngest child on the back of the bike...taking them to the market to do some shopping....makes you feel pretty inadequate
i stayed...i stayed...
i stayed...

and continued to eat mangos
the town comes...the town comes...
the town comes...

to watch soccer

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