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March 15th 2015
Published: March 15th 2015
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We had great times in Meknes and Fez. I'll come back to them later; now I want to talk about driving through the Sahara and camping in camel hair tents. Actually, there are no camels here, only dromedaries. The latter have one hump.
Before we got to the desert we stopped in a store to buy scarves and were taught how to tie them. I got bright blue--one of my favorite colors.
Then we drive to an area with the big dunes, you usually see, and are introduced to our dromedaries.
My scarf tied on, I was helped on the saddle. But those beasts rise up as though you will be thrown off. I expected it so I held on tight.
We walked out in a string. It was great. We never ran.
The desert is vast and varied. As we drove we passed a lake formed by recent storms, gravel stretches, dried water areas, and sand and oases. The last varied in size from the size of a city block, to the size of a big city.
Now the camp. Our tents are large. I have a single with one single bed, a lavatory and a shower. We had electricity but no wifi. We ate in a dining tent. The last, second, night we had a campfire and the seven men who did the work-cooking, cleaning, serving, etc. played instruments and sang for us. We had to sing for them first.
I'll post photos.

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15th March 2015

Love the blue scarf, desert sand and the food!
Looks like a wonderful trip, Sue...we've been talking about your trip on our walks here at home. Post MORE!
15th March 2015

This is wild; you're doing the caravan........... keep on "humpin'".................
16th March 2015

Mom this part of the trip looks incredible! You look like a blue desert ninja. Do you have a nickname yet? "Susie of the dunes" or maybe "The blue spirit of the sand." The inside of your tent is spacious -- I wouldn't even call that a tent if I didn't know better. And the food looks terrific!
17th March 2015

What great fun! Susie you sure lead an exciting life! We just got back from China. I read your previous blog and got the same breathing problems!
It must be the air. Dd not get rally bad until Beijing. Are you doing well in the desert?
17th March 2015

My breathing
Some days are a faster pace, or our walks are uphill. That's when I need my inhaler. I'm the fourth oldest person in the group, but my lungs do cause me to stay behind sometimes. Our guide always offers us choices and describes the upcoming activity. Overall, I'm doing fine, just being an older lsdy. 😳
17th March 2015

Fantastic travels!
17th March 2015

Thanks, Howard.
Howard M. You amaze me. I hope I'm as together at your age as you are. See you in church when I get home.
18th March 2015

This is fascinating. You're courageous to get up on a dromedary with scarf and all. The food looks good, singing for it sounds even better, and your tent is beautiful.

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