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July 2nd 2010
Published: July 2nd 2010
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I had written some notes in a book and had to do some catch-up, but finally I get to the sight seeing.

Funny Stories

We go to visit my mother-in-laws aunt whos age is around 104- no one knows for sure- she is overjoyed to see my husband and his family. Khalti Hesna gives her a kiss and tells her of course we had to come, I told Shakirah we were coming to your wedding and they both laugh hysterically. The old women says as she rolls her eyes -May Allah turn you into a monkey for saying such a thing, then she hits her playfully. I laugh aloud..She is old, but wise. I am so mad that I did not bring my camera this day!

Khalti Hesna talking to my husbands brother who has autism but is very funtional:
Hesna: Do you want Najd to take you to america?
Faris: La (no)
Hesna suprised: why Faris?
Faris: They have bombs
Everyone laughs
Hesna: Yes, Najd will take you to America
Faris: I am sick I cannot go

Sad Stories

while sitting outside a juice bar place having a cold smoothy a little girl comes over to my husband and asks him for money. My husbands asks her if she is hungry and he offers to buy her something to eat. She accepts. My husband gets her a smoothy and a pastry and invites her to sit with us. My husband translates Hesnas questions to her and her responses. It is well after 10:00 in the evening, the child is dirty and obviously not being taken care of. She says she is in 1st grade, she looks to be that age. She says her dad is home but he doesnt let her go out. I respond hes not supposed to let her out this late. As she is eating and talking with us, my aunt hesna is stroking the little girls head. I notice what I perceive to be lice. I try to signal to my aunt but she does not understand. I tell my husband, he says lets go, and we give salaams and leave he doesnt mention to my aunt what I saw. We leave the child eating. I tell my husband we should contact the police. He says there are thousands of children like that, police do not respond to such thing. It is the families responsibility to care for their own.

The same night I have the experience with the little girl I see a women sitting on the ground resting against a pole one hand is out to beg and she holds an infant. next to her sleeping on the gorund is another child who appears to be about 3 years old. The women is so exhausted she is not even able to speak as her head keeps bobbing as she drifts in and out of sleep. I dont know what kind of hearts are not affected by such sights.

Trips out
Me and Zaharah go out in Fes, I dont think I got a picture of her shoot!!! Zaharah is from the US. She comes to visit me, I am a little pissed off cuz I think my inlaws really went overboard with Zaharah they just couldnt gush enough about her. I know they love it that she can speak arabic fluently; but I am sure they were more impressed that she is a white girl...a beautiful white girl, the typical standard of beauty as they have been trained to think. I am embarrassed for her, but she
Carriage for the brideCarriage for the brideCarriage for the bride

The bride sits on this and she is carried to and from her wedding. I did see a wedding but didnt have my Camera. Drats!
handles it well and we leave. Quickly I tell her before they tell my husband to divorce me. My husband looks shocked at my comment and asks me later was I serious. I tell him as a heart attack and my only regret was that I was unable to say it in Arabic.

My husband and I also go out to visit the old medina and to spend time in the new medina
Off we go
Pictures are of the old Medina...stay tuned for more pics

Additional photos below
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reconstruction of one of the doorsreconstruction of one of the doors
reconstruction of one of the doors

The doors to the old medina are Beautiful they are very old ther is a lot of reconstruction going on.
Moulay IdrissMoulay Idriss
Moulay Idriss

Masjid where Mouley Idriss is burried, people worship him and ask help from him. This is forbidden not islam but cultural. People zho know about Islam do not go to such places
My husbands SchoolMy husbands School
My husbands School

contqins middle school & high school

clay pot for baking
knife sharpenerknife sharpener
knife sharpener

Very kind there are a lot of knife sharpenrs I thought that to be funny in an odd sort of way
woen stopping for a drinkwoen stopping for a drink
woen stopping for a drink

this place is owned by my father in laws friend

2nd July 2010

Man making pot!
so, do u mean a man making a pot or a man making some pot? LMBO!
2nd July 2010

The photos are great, thanx for sharing ;) Hey, can't you buy up a bunch of stuff and send it home for resale , . Those leather slippers maybe, hijabs?scarves, IDK, items that are light-weight and inexpensive, but would sell greatly here?
3rd July 2010

Please keep checking Asiyah, lice hop! re: your friend, The more things change, the more they stay the same! Unfortunately racism is alive and well even in Islam! :/
3rd July 2010

ASa..Please keep this coming..I am so looking forward to it. I am having my vacation vicariously thru you guys..if you see a very young baby who needs a home..(a girl) I wil take them..serious as a heart attack..and can not be said in you guys
3rd July 2010

I love this!! Shakirah I wish I had a chance to see you. But keep us posted this way....Salams to all...
4th July 2010

You know I am on it!
4th July 2010

sumera make sure you see me when I return in Aug. Insha Allah

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