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June 27th 2009
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A brief update. 750 days after our engagement in Peru and chilled2thecore are no longer simply Matt and Carla but the new Mr and Mrs Parry. I won’t bore you with the details, this is a travel blog after all, photographic evidence can be found if you search hard enough, but this amazing event did mean one thing. A Honeymoon. The chance to explore. And the chance to travel. Since returning f... Read Full Entry

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Knock knock in EssaouiraKnock knock in Essaouira
Knock knock in Essaouira

The new wife just before she ran away
Shadows at sunriseShadows at sunrise
Shadows at sunrise

Dawn in Essaouira

30th June 2009

Congrats guys! Loved the photos too :-)
30th June 2009

I love your pictures, really good photographer. Congrats
30th June 2009

Nice Photos
Awesome photos! Really, really good.
1st July 2009

What a great honeymoon - especially since it included some close encounters with camels ;-)
1st July 2009

Great pics! Love them!
I used to work as a "tour director" back in 1996. I've been 8 times to Fez in 2 months...and maybe five time in Meknes. Love your pics of Fez...make me think I should have mine digitalised. Did you make it to Meknes?
4th July 2009

Thanks all! No Leslie we didn't make it to Meknes but we did try some of the wine from there which was pretty good.
6th July 2009

Back on the road.
Another great blog and some amazing photos. The description of the tanneries was so real, I am sure I could smell them!
7th July 2009

Another place, another blog and the next...........
You never fail to amaze us with your descriptive writing and pictures, just reading it made us feel as if we have been there and seen it with you!!!!Welcome back THE newest Mr and MrsP, may your want for adventure never cease and your love and happiness together travel along the same road always. Remember wants and needs........xxxxxxxxxx
31st July 2009

Gorgeous pics!
Congratulations! And wonderful photos as ever
27th September 2009

Congrats to the two of you! Your photos are amazing! As an aspiring photographer, I'm interested to know what kind of camera/lens combos you guys are using. Oh, in case you are wondering, I went to school with you, Carla!
10th January 2010

Blog of the year 2009 for the Africa/photography category
Check this out. :)
13th June 2011
Hanging outside a mosque in Fes

That! Is an unbelievably great picture. My favourite.

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