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January 31st 2013
Published: January 31st 2013
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So I never wrote the last blog for my final week in Morocco. It was probably because it's been so depressing to think about...The last week flew by, I was excited to go home but also dreading saying goodbye to everyone. I slept in my friends' house a few times that week and the night before I had to leave I just started bawling. I didn't know if I would ever see some of these people again. The resident director's family was about 30 people so I hugged and kissed them all goodbye and then just went home crying my eyes out. My family tried to comfort me but kept saying "stop stop you're not leaving yet!". I drew a few portraits for them the night before as a goodbye gift, which they really loved. The morning of my flight I ate breakfast with the whole family, and when I heard someone yell that the car was there to take me to the airport, I lost it. My ENTIRE FAMILY lost it too. I think we were there an extra twenty and minutes because we were crying so hard and didn't want to stop hugging eachother. My host mom, sister and I could barely even speak to eachother because we were so sad and it was too hard to get words out, all I could manage was "thank you so much" and then more tears. I finally had to get in the car with a few of the other students (who were crying as well) and make our last stop to Madiha's house to pick up out other student. The huge family came out to say goodbye and there were just an obscure mob of sobbing moroccans, americans, and a bus in the road. The resident director's aunt came out and put a beautiful djellabah on me because she thought I would be cold on the flight. Even Madiha's uncle was crying. We finally got in the car and made it to the airport, but the tears didn't stop there....I had so much trouble with my ticket reservation and I was already so distraught that when I should have been discussing it I just kept bursting out in tears hahaha. Finally I worked it out, but it was a horrendous process. I was so happy to see my parents once I got home though. Morocco made me realize how important family really is, and that Americans move so quickly in their lives that they sometimes forget this. I can't put into words how grateful I am to my Moroccan host family and friends. They really are my second family and I think of them every single day. I am praying that I will see them again in the relatively near future, Inshallah.


31st January 2013

very sweet
Kailee, This post is very sweet - truly from the heart. I know how sad you were to leave your Moroccan family :( I also know how grateful you and I both were to them. They were wonderful to you. You will always be in each other's hearts. I do hope you get the opportunity to see them again some day. I would love to meet them as well and thank them for the special care they gave to you <3 In your blog I particularly liked the part about how you realize how important family is :) Aren't you lucky that you have two families now!!! xoxoxox Mom <3

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