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October 4th 2012
Published: October 4th 2012
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Oh! So I just remembered a few things I didn't include in my earlier blog. First of all, it is totally normal for cats to walk in and out of our classrooms while we are in the middle of lectures, it has happened three times to me in the past two days. Secondly, I was talking with my host family last night, and I found out that there is an Eid, or holiday, on October 26 called "The Festival of Sheep", where each family buys and slaughters a sheep. There is a story in the Quran where Allah called upon Abraham to sacrifice his son Ishmael as a way to test his faith. When Abraham was just about to take Ishmael's life, Allah commanded him not to, and provided him with a sheep to slaughter instead, pleased with Abraham's strong and unwavering faith. For this reason, each year this Eid is celebrated by the slaughtering of sheep in order to show to replicate Abraham's strong commitment to Allah. All of the meat is consumed by the family, their friends, and some is given to the poor as well. It's a very interesting and religious tradition, but Allah says the sheep must be slaughtered by cutting the jugular, and I don't think I will be able to watch that again, but thankfully my vegetarian soul will be in Europe for fall break!


5th October 2012

falafel and sheep
Love those Lebanese restaurants and all that food. Didn't realize you liked falafel. Yummy yum. Pretty awful the way men are in Morocco. Very sad to hear about that. Funny about the camel ride. You are so right about how gravity ceases to exist when you get on or off a camel. They really aren't very nice animals and they sure don't smell good!!! They spit too. Yuck. Finally, glad you won't be there for the festival of the sheep!! Can't believe you experienced that the first time. Good for you for being so brave. I couldn't have done that. Can't wait for your next post. jo-

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