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November 8th 2011
Published: November 8th 2011
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Here we are - so close to CasaBlanca, that I can feel it! (remember that movie?)

We landed in Marrakech on Sunday - and it's been a whirlwind ever since. This is a magical city and should be on your list of travel places, for certain. It is a very beautiful city and we have had a really good time here.

The grounds of the hotel are so very zen-like; the air is fresh - the temperature is perfect (mid-20's), the streets are clean, the people are lovely - and the food - ah yes, the food........check out the photos.

On our first evening, we had dinner in the dining room of the hotel and it was just perfect. Early to bed, after a day of travel..........

The next day, we started out bright and early for our city tour. Loved every minute of that - our guide was most informative and humorous at the same time. That always makes for a fun tour. We visited the monuments - Palais bahia, Menara, Koutoubia and the Majorelle garden - all of which are so very beautiful. The topography is breath-taking; the buildings are consistently low and of sandstone. The photos will speak for themselves as you tour virtually with us.

One of the things that caught most of us off guard was the road-side BBQs (very primitive) - because of the holiday yesterday, everyone was out BBQing the heads and feet of the sheep - they do that to remove the hair. There are a few photos to show you - not something we would ever see at home, I don't believe. Certainly interesting to be in different parts of the world to learn about different cultures. People were most accommodating with my photo habits!

We visited a gorgeous part of the city - the Palms (I believe it was called) - where the more wealthy people lived. Camels can be seen, often, at different street corners - we passed their golf course (beautiful!) - our bus had a 'pit stop' at a gas station, where Brenda came out with the most decadent chocolate ice cream bar for me. I love Brenda!!! It was a beautiful sunny day and everyone enjoyed the escape from the humidity of Sao Tome and Dakar.

We were back at the hotel for lunch - the food is so flavorful and tasty here. And, of course, the chocolate croissants have captured my heart.

After lunch, we were taken by horse-drawn carriages from the hotel to the Medina, in the old historic district. We started from the main square (Djemaa El-Fna) and took part in a treasure hunt within the souks (bazaar) - this was our version of "The Amazing Race - Travel Guild Style!" - that is a separate blog coming your way soon.

It was a full day - after a few hours of 'down time', we headed out to dinner at the Kasbah Tassarout restaurant with a gala show. We had a dinner that was out of this world yummy! We were aptly entertained with dancers, singers, a belly dancer (THAT photo you MUST see.........) - and a horse show at the end (which I missed because it was a very long day and I was tired - so many of us left on one of the earlier buses - that's where Robert's photos are a great back-up because he stayed! See........we do everything we can to 'bring it all to you'!)

And that was the end of Day 2 - today was phenomenal - one of our absolute favorites of the whole trip. Stay tuned for that blog!!! We went up into the Atlas Mountains in 4 x 4 Explorers - a great blog and photos coming your way.

So much to share - so little time, LOL. This is a team effort right now to get all this out to you - Robert and Brenda are sitting here with me, drinking red wine, as I write this content - I love having company while I do this.

So here you go! Enjoy........much more coming.

(Good night, Mom. Love you so much and can hardly wait to see you - 3 more sleeps!)

Happy Pat

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sheep's head and feet are cooked on the BBQsheep's head and feet are cooked on the BBQ
sheep's head and feet are cooked on the BBQ

they need to be cooked until the hair is burned off - this happened EVERYWHERE yesterday - on every street corner, in the market, etc. Wow

8th November 2011

3 more sleeps. #ADORABLE
Do Mcdonalds use the same ingrediaents world wide? Hows your mother doing. Did you get all of my intel from last night. I will be out tonight but try to get home for nancy or hope getting the boot. I am 110% consumed with Penn State and the scandal rocking the University. My husband and daughter are like shell-shocked. Travel safe. will look at pic's later. xo
8th November 2011

Wonderful ....
ahhh ... so wish I was on this trip, as I have been following along each blog post. Terrific photos and can feel the energy of the group! Safe travelling - treasure these last few days.
8th November 2011

Your Blog is my break every day...
Hi Pat and company....what will I do after Friday? While I am looking forward to seeing Mom and Dad and knowing that all of you have made it back to us safe and sound, I am so going to miss my daily break(s) at work to check in on "my trip around the world" with all of you! Thank you so much for your time and effort and expertise of relaying print and pic of all that the group has enjoyed. It has been a wonderful voyage with all of you. Love you Mom and Dad. ttys
9th November 2011

Fantastic !!!
Pat and The Travel Guild Posse...... You all look like this has been fantastic....I am sure it has been. Just got off the phone with my Mom and she wishes you all the very best...My girls have been to Morocco....someday hope I will too...Happy trails to you all...Hope your Mom is better Pat and send our best to everyone in Iceland....
9th November 2011

What will I do without my Travel Blog fix?
Wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed travelling along with you. Sad that it's coming to an end but glad that you'll be home and can see your mom. Stay safe.
10th November 2011

What an amazing journey!
Thanks Pat, we happy armchair travellers greatly appreciate all the trials and tribulations you have faced in order to post your blog and photos. The pics have been amazing. I look forward to seeing many more when Mom and Dad return in a few days. Have a safe journey home!
10th November 2011

Best for Last
So happy to see all the different places you are travelling to that we didn't. They all look amazing and once again it seems like a Trip of a Lifetime! Your fascimile picture will never top your Taj Mahal one - knowing the background on that one always makes it special to me. Wondering if your Belly Dancing outfit looks anything like hers? Haven't heard an update on your Mom's condition for a while - hope she is doing well. I know you must be terribly worried about her. Keep on enjoying!

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