Published: March 27th 2009
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The 5 from BarcelonaThe 5 from BarcelonaThe 5 from Barcelona

These 5 girls I met at the Saadian tombs in Marrakesh
Marrakesh is very touristy, full of British, as they fly in cheap and tons of French. Americans like it there too and there was ofcourse me. I stayed in hotel CTM right on the square, at 200 Dirhams a night not too bad, with great views over place Djemaa el-fna.
After I had been in Fès, Mèknes and Rabat, I believed the medina, even though it was still nice. I did all the necessary touristy stuff and enjoyed the music, acrobats and story tellers on the Djemaa el-fna the most. The snake charmers were sad I thought. Apparently they stitch the mouths of the snake closed, so they're unable to feed anymore, so they slowly die and the charmers need new snakes on a regularly base. So the snakes become slowly extinct. I enjoyed the sneaky men with their monkeys, even though there's something to say about that too. But enjoying the scenery from the terrace of the hotel and seeing them put their monkeys on ignorant bypassers, who all of a sudden have a grasping monkey on their neck was quite amusing. Ofcourse they had to pay for that experience😊
Things I didn't like: ripp off taxi men, who refuse

Lucky shot when the crowd disappeared for a moment
to use their meter, I then just got out and evryebody overcharging you nearly wherever they can. Apart form that a nice experience and some cool but expensive bars (5 euro a beer, 4 euro a wine). Ofcourse non drinkers will save a lot of cash in Morocco.

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Fine wood carvings everywhere
Metal workersMetal workers
Metal workers

Hammering away in the medina
Marrakesh drummersMarrakesh drummers
Marrakesh drummers

Musicians playing their drums on place Djemaa el-Fna

27th March 2009

nog kleiner....
Je hebt gewoon een groep van vijf vrouwen gevonden die allemaal "de juiste lengte" hebben. Je torent boven hen uit :-) Have fun!

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