Marrakech, Morocco - Let Me Be Your Guide!

This journal has been deleted.
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27th February 2008

ahhh, Marrakesh....
It`s been so long since we were there.... thanks for awaking the good memories! Hope you had a great trip!
27th February 2008

Lovely photos, really captured the vibes, will stay tuned in to see what happens next.
28th February 2008

Thanks for the comments. Delhi next stop!
16th July 2008

Koutoba Mosque it's koutobia Mosque but all what u did is amazimg mice job u really said everything about my city keep up
16th July 2008

verry good
is verry good articl and a verry lovly story good job man halima
13th November 2008

great job
i think you were not waisting your time while you were visiting morocco ,you've given almost the wright picture of the square of jamaa alfna. all in all your really did a great job ,nice pictures with clear comments exept for the one with (a woman with chichen) are you sure that's a woman
13th November 2008

Yeah, we did a lot in the short time we were there. Thanks for the comment and no, I'm not sure it was a woman with the chicken!

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