Goodbye Morocco

Published: April 25th 2019
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Tomorrow I leave Morocco after 20 days in this beautiful and diverse country.

The trip was divided into 2 Intrepid tours: north and south. Both trips differed dramatically in landscape and experience.

The north provided a wealth of cultural knowledge with the backdrop of many towns and cities, very very old, from Casablanca the commercial capital to Fes the cultural capital, and the north Tangier where the Atlantic and Mediterranean meet, and the Rif Mountains influenced by Spain.

The south was a feast for the eyes with the landscape of the countryside - the Atlas Mountains were magnificent and the contrast as we moved from high to the mesmerising dunes of the Sahara, and then on to the Atlantic Coast and the beautiful Argan tree countryside - incredible.

The highlight for me was a night in the Sahara - a dream came true and did not disappoint. I highly recommend this. We took 3 hours over rough desert in 4 wheel drives to meet the camel caravan - the camel trek was surreal and we all rode silently soaking in the special occasion. After an hour we arrived at camp and I perched on top of my own dune and enjoyed the sunset. Our dinner was delicious and dramatic with a sandstorm whipping around our tent...followed by the first rain in 4 months. Traditional folk songs were played and dancing until bed. The next day we left camp for 3 more hours of desert 4 wheel drive fun - my first mirage in the desert - and then out the other side of the Atlas.

I’m now in Marrakech and slowing to a relaxed holiday pace before my flight tomorrow night.

If I can sum up Morocco in 3 words: Rich, Tolerant and Friendly:
Rich - the country makes the most of what it has and it treasures its past and values its future
Tolerant - Morocco celebrates the cultures and religious influence that has made it what it is today, and respects and acknowledges their indigenous people
Friendly - Moroccan people are welcoming and relationships are very important

Next stop: Spain


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