No, you can't trade us 100 camels for our friend...

Published: July 18th 2008
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Hello! Kelly and I are now in a town called Essaouira, which is about an 8 hour bus ride from Casablanca down the west coast of Morocco. Getting off of the bus was quite overwhelming! It didn't appear to be the quaint ocean town we had read about. The ocean was nowhere in sight and it was dirty and dusty. There were people everywhere trying to get us to go to their hotel and women with only their eyes revieled trying to get us to look at their goods for sale. It was hard to read the level of "friendliness" without being able to see smiles under the material. Luckily, we had already booked a room at the Essaouira Hostel and we were picked up by someone who works there. The hostel is located in the medina. The medina is wonderful! It is a little village behind huge beautiful plaster looking walls. It has winding alleys leading to more winding alleys and the architechture is gorgeous. Once we got past the fear of it, we have found the people to be extremely friendly. We stayed at our hostel for dinner the first night because they made all of their guests sangria and couscous. We ventured out later with 2 great British girls we met and one of them was offered 100 camels to be his wife. It was pretty funny because they said a few days ago one of them was offered 5000 camels so she told him his offer was "rubbish".

Today we found our way to the beach and it was a perfect day for it. After that we went to a hammam, which is a place where Moroccan women go to get, well, cleaned. It was a pretty crazy experience. First, we were led to a steam room and then the women scrubbed us with coarse pads. I was thinking, "ouch, ouch, actually that feels good, ouch, good, ouch, good". Needless to say, I have no more dead skin! Then they covered us in a cleansing mud and then we got massages. I felt unbelievably clean and soft afterward. Moroccan women have no inhibitions about showing their bodies to other women and often visit hammams as a showering routine, sometimes due to not having available baths at home and it is also a social time for them.

Tommorrow we are heading to Marrakesh. I hope all is well!


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18th July 2008

Nikkers, I can read your blog at this, my work address. Still fighting WOW about my home e-mail address ... no matter, glad you are safe and having fun. After what you said about the steam room and skin-scrubbing, maybe I'll get rid of my handup with 'personal touches' from others than Ted! Will hug the kiddos for you tomorrow. Love, Mama
19th July 2008

On the road again...
Hi Nik, glad to see you are on the road again! Looking forward to the blogs. Love the photo of your friend with her new friend.. priceless!! Reet xx
19th July 2008

i want a scrub down
haha i do not directly know you but subscribed to your blog because you are visiting places i wish to visit. this entry was funny to me. i love your matchy skirts you have. i totally want to go get a scrub down. haha. stay away from the camel offers. :)
19th July 2008

looks like a new page of experience have fun stay safe and tell kelly i love her
19th July 2008

Looks great!
Love the pics! Continue having the best time, Im trapped in the US this summer so you better have double fun for me
20th July 2008

dude-i'm so glad you guys are safe and clean:-0 i love the photos..keep em coming. stay safe. love and miss you...julie and fam
20th July 2008

I love the could make a living at art fairs selling them! Believe it or not, but some just like it sell at AnnArborArtFair for some hefty dough! Glad Kelly made it and you guys have each other. Maybe you'll come home with some camels and a new friend of your own!
20th July 2008

Nikki in Morocco
Brayden? Hey Guy, how are you? Glad you keep in touch with Nik. She continues to inspire me. Took a second trip to Ecuador this spring. But for our grandkids, Ted and I would be living there! Kit
21st July 2008

Love the experience of sharing yours! Sign me up for a scrub and mud! The colors of the spices have me thinking. So do the camels! Noel.
22nd July 2008

Nik, I love reading your travel blogs and traveling vicariously through you! I'm so glad your friend Kelly could join you. Stay safe and best wishes on your journey! Hugs, Julie
8th February 2011

It’s beautiful place everybody loves Morocco!

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