Oh Shit - Where's the Vaccination Certs?!?!

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June 28th 2007
Published: June 28th 2007
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Well! After madly packing up the house, moving, unpacking, and cleaning our rental place, Clinton and I were ready at 11pm the night before we were to head off!!! Very very last minute job as per usual. We didn't get any shopping done so we're without quite a few important items! As I have just found out, we didn't bring our vaccination certificates with us which I've been freaking out over, however we've just been advised that a photocopy (which I have) *should* be ok, we just might be charged a fine for not having the original... every time we pass a border. It is very annoying.. but glad we can still go on the tour!

We've done nothing in Mauritius as of yet. Both very jet lagged, and moving weary! Tomorrow we might go on a day tour to one of the famous picturesque islands, and today I'm not sure. Might just explore the surrounding areas.

The tour will be starting on the 1st of July, so not too many more days to go!


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