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The main attraction for us to go to Madagascar of course is ‘Lemur‘. Lemur is an ancient primitive primate and endemic in Madagascar. The lemur family includes 4 distinctive types. "Avahis" (wooly lemur) has short arms, short muzzle and a round head hidden in woolly fur. "Sifaka" are about 3 ft long with long tail, small head, large eyes. "Indri" is the largest lemur and with long limbed and the last one "aye-aye" is squirrel like, nocturnal and very rare. Some of them are active during the day but quite a few are nocturnal. The lemurs eyes have a reflective layer behind the retina which make them shinny and large and very cute looking. Lemurs are docile, usually live in groups. Their diets consist of fruits, leaves and insects. Female will breed once a year, babies ... read more
Baby black and white
I know I am cute

Africa » Madagascar » Antananarivo September 4th 2023

Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world located off the SE coast of Africa. We selected this unique place to be my 100th country because of its biodiversity and wonderful wildlife. Close to 90 percent of the plant and animal species here are endemic to the island. Madagascar has very distinct landscapes and we expect to see rainforests, mountains, semi-deserts and beaches all in one trip. Our two person private trip is arranged by Kensington Tours who plans personalized itinerary based on our interests. Of course, one of the highlights would have to be meeting 'Lemurs' - one of the oldest primates that can only be found on Madagascar. As Madagascar moved away from continent Africa 17-23 million years ago, lemurs was isolated from evolutionary changes of the world and they found their niches ... read more
Our travel route in Madagascar
ringtail lemur.
Black and White Ruffed lemur

Africa » Madagascar » Fianarantsoa January 31st 2023

After months of planning, preparation and anticipation, it is very exciting to have arrived in Madagascar. I have traveled about 10,000km and from winter to summer. It was snowing gently when I locked my front door to begin the journey. My flight arrived almost an hour late into Antananarrivo as it had to be de-iced before take-off in a subzero Paris. I spending some time with The Madagascar Biodiversity Project at the Kianjavato Ahmason Field Station. Since I arrived, everyone I have met at MBP has been welcoming, friendly and helpful. I think it is very fitting that upon arrival volunteers are invited to plant a tree at KAFS. I was lucky enough to get planting two trees. Someone suggested they should be called Peter and Petera. Whilst we waited for his Deputy to arrive, myself ... read more

Africa » Madagascar » Nosy Be October 30th 2022

*** Only one snake in this blog, the last photo after Exora hotel. **** I promised video clips but travelblog seems to have removed that option from its menu. Sorry about that, will have to think of another option. If anyone knows how I could do it, please let me know. After the evening at African House it was an early start but this time only as far as the 4x4 vehicles for the journey east along the RN2. It was an all day drive, stopping for lunch en route, so we sat back to enjoy the view. Tana is huge so it takes a long time to get clear of the city. We had driven for an hour or so when a message came through from one of the other drivers that his vehicle was ... read more
But he’s not exactly smiling about it!
Typical scene in east
Radiated Tortoises used to be common

Africa » Madagascar » Nosy Be October 26th 2022

*********Anyone not keen on snakes, please note that the last 4 photos have snakes in them so stop when you get to the dinner at African House After a night in Tana we had to be up at 3am to be at the airport by 4 to check in for a 6am flight. I woke up at 2.50am, thinking firstly, I don’t want to get up, secondly, why do I feel strange? A minute later I knew why as I raced to the bathroom with a very severe bout of vomiting. Eventually, after cleaning up and showering, I put my towel back on the rail, which promptly fell off the wall! Clearly, it was not going to be a good day. I made it downstairs with packed bag, but of course could not eat or drink. ... read more
Huge articulated lorry overturned on road
Shaman of village near Black Lemur Camp
Pounding rice.

Africa » Madagascar » Nosy Be October 22nd 2022

(I have now finished the group tour but had no time to write a blog & no signal to send it anyway so I am trying to bring them up to date in the next few days, so apologies if they come thick & fast! On the other hand, they may not go at all, so fingers crossed) Daniel, the wildlife expert ( mainly herpetology, the little things), and Harry, (Hery), the Malagasy tour guide/director met me at the airport. The group met up on the evening of the October 1, and set off early on the 2nd. We soon realised ‘early’ was our new normal! We rarely started later than 6am and sometimes earlier. It was a motley crew, sharing only one thing in common, we are all retired and of a certain age. There ... read more
Pirogue rowers start young!
Party by the shore?
Not sure where she is going, but can you see the yellow ‘mask’

Africa » Madagascar » Toliara » Tolear September 30th 2022

. MADAGASCAR Ethiopian Airlines delivered me safely to Antananarivo ( not surprisingly known as Tana for short), the capital of Madagascar after a 7 1/2 flight London to Addis Ababa, and 4 hour flight from Addis to Tana. The whole journey was very smooth and well organised and on exiting I soon saw my guide with my name on a card. Rainbow Tours arranged the trip, using an agent company called Za, here on the ground. So far everything has worked like clockwork and I have been passed like a precious parcel from one person to another and tracked all the way as I move on. After arriving from London I slept a night in Tana and was whisked away early in the morning for a flight to Tulear ( or Toliara, more about names shortly), ... read more
One type of spiny bush
Ifaty beach
Madagascar bee eater

Africa » Madagascar » Nosy Be September 27th 2022

Yes, OK, I missed posting a blog 2 days ago, and now need to tell you about 4 days. We’ve had a really busy time! The first thing to say is massive congratulations to Collette and Greg. They went for a walk on the beach, he asked and she said yes! They both arrived back from their walk with big smiles on their faces, and Collette wearing a beautiful diamond ring. Such a special place to get engaged 🤗 Anyway, back to our adventure. Saturday was two morning dives for the divers, and the non-divers did a walk on Nosy Sakatia. Unfortunately, Big Paulo gave my dive kit bag to Jessica for snorkeling instead of hers, so I had to use her boots and fins. She has bigger feet than me, and the boots were a ... read more
The beautiful garden at Nosy Be Hotel
More of the beautiful garden
Nosy Tanga from the hotel beach

Africa » Madagascar » Nosy Be September 23rd 2022

Yesterday’s diving was good, exploring a couple of coral gardens. The first one was called Fucilleri after the fish that tend to congregate there. Well, we weren’t disappointed, there were thousands of the bright yellow fish swimming around on top of a small shelf. There were the most beautiful corals too, and we were lucky enough to spot a trumpetfish, puffer fish, butterfly fish, and an octopus. The second dive at the site called Licorn was equally as wonderful regarding the coral. Marine life included shrimps, blue spotted Ray, a large crocodile fish, and an octopus hiding in a hole with just his eye visible. The highlight of the day however was a call after the second dive that humpback whales had been spotted, so we motored out in the general direction, and we weren’t disappointed! ... read more
A little crab on the hotel beach
Ylang Ylang flower

Africa » Madagascar » Nosy Be September 21st 2022

We’re now two days into the diving part of the trip. Well it’s been pretty special so far! Manta Dive Centre are looking after us very well. We’re collected by boat from the hotel beach in the morning and taken to the dive sitesbefore being dropped off again on the beach. A great service! Yesterday we did three dives from Nosy Tanikely, a national park which opened specially for us and another dive boat. We were based on the beautiful beach for drinks, snacks, and a picnic at lunchtime. The first dive was a site called Aquarium in crystal clear water just offshore. There were loads of different corals, small reef fish, a grouper, an octopus and a turtle. What a fabulous start! The other two dives at Smurfland and West Point were equally as special, ... read more
The happy crowd
Such a beautiful spot
Me! Photo by. Ian W.

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