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Africa » Madagascar » Anjajavy October 11th 2008

Tulear, Madagascar meat of choice: sea turtle current weather: hole in the ozone hot mode of transport: man-pulled 'puspus' ocupation: student today is our last day in Tulear, we leave for our 8 day tour of Protected Areas tomorrow which is quite exciting for that means camping all week! and treaking through the jungle. this past week has been our marine studies unit which has consisted of marine mammals, coral reefs, mangroves, and the very real experiental learning and actually going to visit all of these things. Swimming in the mangroves was surreal with the water on the top being hothot and the bottom water being the coldest. the roots came up from the bottom, making swimming resmble something out of tomb raider or indiana jones, if you fall you fall to your death, gouged by ... read more

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