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July 25th 2010
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Prior to coming, Moses only told his Aunt that he was traveling to Liberia for a month. Upon arrival, the news spread almost immediately. We've already visited and had dinner with alot of friends and family, and it seems every day and every hour someone is arriving at the Guest House to say hello. We've been stopped in the street and in restaurants and in Markets when someone recognizes Alberta, Moses, or Helena from elementary school, or church, or the neighborhood or something similar. It has been simultaneously amazing and exhausting for the group.

Today we headed to St. Paul's in Kakata for Church services. This is Moses home church and it was understandably emotional for him. We woke up early to make the journey out and arrived in Kakata 30 minutes before the service. He went to school there, was confirmed there, and his entire extended family lives a short distance away. Moses was visibly stunned at the changes that had happened to his town as a result of the war. "There used to be houses here, and here and Oh my goodness so much has changed", he said over and over.

Arriving early, a Pastor friend of Moses' asked him if we could make a short trip to another church down the road to say hello to his congregation. Moses' kindly agreed, making sure to explain that we needed to be back in time for our St. Pauls service in 20 minutes, the Pastor replied "it is just over the hill". Unfortunately this was Liberian Speak, and "just over the hill" turned into a 30 minutes trip. Fortunately we made it back to St. Paul's only missing the opening praise band. Like the churches we've been to before we were treated like the guests of honor. We were introduced, applauded and thanked. Moses gave a sermon, first in English and then in Pelle (sp?) which is the local vernacular. It was very touching. For the first time during this trip, they also had me sit with the clergy which gave me a whole new perspective on the service. After the Church Service we visited with Moses family for a long lunch and took family portrait after family portrait.

This evening we will be heading to Alberta's sister-in-laws for a dinner, tired and stuffed already but thankful for the incredible hospitality we've been shown here.


26th July 2010

Your comments continue to be very interesting. Love you, Buddie

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