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June 27th 2019
Published: July 14th 2019
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I'm no Ornithologist guys, and before I went on this trip I struggled to know the difference between a crane and a heron (but I do recognise Kookaburras!), so my naming of the 60 or so species of birds we saw between the five safari parks is only as good as that identified by my respective guides. I'm not going to do anything more than nominate the various categories of birds we saw at least one variety of (and in most cases, more than one) and then add a whole lot of pics of those that I could get close enough to with my relatively low powered camera to give a clear picture. For you bird lovers - enjoy, and for those of you who aren't - suit yourself!

The broad species of birds sighted (in alphabetical order) were: Bustards, Cranes, Doves, Eagles, Egrets, Geese, Goshawks, Guinea Fowls, Herons, Hornbills, Ibises, Kingfishers, Mousebirds, Pelicans, Plovers, Rollers, Shrikes, Spoonbills, Spurfowls, Starlings, Storks, Swallows, Vultures, and Weavers. But please remember - all care but no responsibility!

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15th July 2019

Birding Africa
We loved, loved, loved the birds of Africa.
15th July 2019
Hornbill, Ground

Africa...the Birds
Superb collection of bird pics of your African adventure, Neil. Doubly good that you included the names of each with your pics.
15th July 2019

Birds of a Feather
I have posted some of your fabulous Birds of Africa in TB's "Birds of a Feather" thread in the Photography Forum. Check 'em out.
15th July 2019

African Birds
Thanks David. I hope I managed to get most of the names correct. Each of the guides had a book with over 300 different birds seen in East Africa, so we spent quite some time matching, but its unlikely we got 100% success. Thanks for transferring to "Birds of a Feather". I never even knew this forum existed. Now I have a further excuse to while away a few more idle hours. I trust you are both well.

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