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December 27th 2013
Published: December 27th 2013
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The biggest news for us in September was Hayley started real school, real uniform, full days etc. And I started my postgraduate certificate in education through a University in the UK online with my practicums at the kid’s school. Hayley has done very well, she has flourished in her new school, she is a different child, confident, happy, social, it has been such a great transition.

I am remembering why I have put this certificate off for so long, I really don’t enjoy study, but I have been enjoying the classroom, and it’s very much an “enough regrets” type decision. It’s a long time coming, almost 10 years since I first chickened out of applying to become a teacher. I am enjoying the course, it is intense and sometimes I wonder how I manage to fit it into my already busy schedule.

Charlotte enjoyed her trip home to New Zealand in October. She has enjoyed school as well, enjoying that I’ve been at school, she frequently checks up on me and blows me kisses whenever she sees me. Hayley just smiles cheekily and continues on like nothing is unusual. Charlotte finally has a few wiggle teeth, and recently had a drastic hair cut, the curls are still there much to her disappointment.

Emma is enjoying her little nursery with her friends, but has been lonelier this term. With Hayley at full time school 8am-3.30pm and me studying and at school all of the second half of term, she has really missed us both. She is very grown up but also has a very cheeky sense of humour that can only come from Murray. She is a story teller and can tell you about how she heard a ho ho ho and then she saw santa on the roof. She will be 3 yrs old in January, the years have flown by.

Murray has just finished one year with his new agency, and has just signed on for another 2 years with them here. He continues with his MBa. Since we last updated you on Murrays work, he has been in Ethiopia and Dadab multiple times, Nakuru, Uganda, I’m sure I’ve missed some. We’ve lost count, best of intentions.

Security remains a constant issue, with more car jackings, home invasions and armed motorbike robberies. Things seemed to spike during the Westgate Mall siege, with car jackings getting out of control while the armed forces and police were responding to the drama there. There are many disturbing reports about Westgate, the looting and did the terrorists actually escape. A few friends are still nervous about going to malls, especially with kids. My kids didn’t often go to the mall but I did take Murray with me when we went last week for the kids haircuts without it being a conscious decision. Life goes on, guards search cars and people, and we live in our compounds surrounded by electric fences, barbed wire, and response units at the push of a button.

We wish you and your family are very Merry Christmas and happy new year. Please remember our neighbouring country South Sudan with all the government related violence there at the moment, all of our international friends have been evacuated.

Here is our Christmas video from a couple of years ago of the kids acting the nativity


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Our superstarOur superstar
Our superstar

big step up from last year where she refused to run without her sister or mum at her side
Daisy dollsDaisy dolls
Daisy dolls

Charlottes Christmas production
Hayley the elfHayley the elf
Hayley the elf

Christmas production

27th December 2013

fun time of year with 3 beautiful daughters!!! Much love x

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