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In January we have completed 6 years in Kenya, the time has flown by. We have had Samburu National Reserve on our list for years. We managed to take 2 camping holidays, the first to Samburu and the second to Lake Naivashas Sanctuary Farm, which is always a favourite. Samburu is well known for 5 species that are unique to this park, we managed to see all of them, and even a Leopard, which was very exciting! We camped by the river and had a lovely, sandy stay with friends. Work and school starts up for everyone this next week, we look forward to another busy year in Kenya. Happy New Year! Miriam... read more
More vulturine Guineafowls
Somali ostrich
Beisa Oryx

Africa » Kenya » Eastern Province » Samburu National Reserve September 13th 2009

Geo: 0.598744, 37.4991DAY TEN (Sunday, September 13, 2009)The drums of Africa beat in my heart.Our alarm went off in the dark so we could take a dawn safari drive. It was a glorious morning – breezy and in the low 70s and there were lots of animals out. Unfortunately, no predators. We were with Stephanie and Carol; Benjamin was our driver.First off was a gerenuk, standing on its hind-legs eating breakfast. Closely behind was a herd of zebra and enough giraffes to satisfy even me. We saw a crocodile, an elephant and a lot of birds that excited Barcy. We passed two tent camps … where some people stay to get the authentic African safari experience. Bah humbug. Some are elegant camps and some look just like the 4-pole kind we have used on the Current ... read more
Village child
Elephant in Amboseli
Rachel (our guide) and Michael (our host)

Africa » Kenya » Eastern Province » Samburu National Reserve September 12th 2009

Geo: 0.598744, 37.4991DAY NINE (Saturday, September 12, 2009)More than lions & tigers & bears … oh, myOK, I like Amboseli much better today. I've decided the road in here made me so cranky that I couldn't like anything yesterday. This morning was different. As I was brushing my teeth, I heard branches cracking right outside my window. I opened the drapes and about 30' from my window were 8 elephants parading to the water right by our room. They stopped, drank and ate. Very fun to have this going on so close by.Our game drive left before dawn so we could see all the animals on the move. And we did that. We had Mike and Mary Ann Schuermann with us again, which is always a hoot.All the regulars were out (zebras, wildebeests, gazelles, hippos, Cape ... read more
Grevy zebra
Lioness on the lookout

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