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Africa » Kenya » Eastern Province » Marsabit April 9th 2009

Two hours after my truck south is cancelled, there is banging on my room door and I am told that a private vehicle has arrived. I head outside to find a Landrover that I've seen somewhere before, probably Ethiopia. It's driven by a Swiss guy, Patrik, who is overlanding from Switzerland to Cape Town and he says he is happy to take a passenger - he can't guarantee that he will be going all the way to Nairobi, but will definitely be going at least as far as Isiolo, which is fine by me. English is a language he doesn't like and which is perhaps his fourth best - indeed his friends had asked him how on earth he'd be able to travel through Africa with his ability being so poor - but, in that annoying ... read more
Is that like Strictly Come Dancing?

Africa » Kenya » Eastern Province » Marsabit November 26th 2007

We had all been rather dreading this leg. It has the reputation of being one of the worst roads in Africa, and we were not disappointed. But as we drove out of the town, through a police check, we had to forfeit our passports while they recorded our details. Jeremy and I were then hauled off to meet the local Chief Supt of Police, clearly a very important person, who at great length detailed the position regarding shifta on this road. But because there had been no trouble for several months and because the road was well policed, he would not insist on us having an escort policeman with us. We of course expressed our delight and eventually set off, at least 45 minutes later than we had hoped! The first part of the road wasn’t ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Eastern Province » Marsabit June 25th 2006

The lorry roled into a small, dry, dusty outpost of a town where trucks congregate to form a convoy before heading north to Moyale, as what lay ahead was bandit country and lorries are prone to being raided by Somali's fleeing the fighting in their own country and desperate to get anything they can sell on. This was also the place where they were assigned armed escorts (a guy with a sub-machine gun). If it wasn't for the African people, this could be a hollywood film set for a western. There were 3 blocks of buldings that were made up resteraunts, shops and pubs that had faiding paint and covered in the yellow dust that formed a gritty layer over everything including my clothes, face and hands. The town has about 3 small blocks of shops, ... read more

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