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September 12th 2018
Published: September 12th 2018
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Sept. 11, 2018... A stop in Paris brought some needed walking after the first leg of the Gingles Expedition. Once we arrived in France, David checked into an airport hotel for some needed rest, and Teresa and I took a taxi into Paris.

Teresa’s request was to see the Eiffel Tower and have a pastry so off we went landing at the exquisite tea room the Angelina where we had brunch including chocolate croissants from heaven. The two mile hike from there to the ET was an adventure in itself. We took off on the Champs de Elise, rambled through flower gardens, walked down pathways that paralleled the Seine and met up with a band of gypsies. As we were walking along, a woman we came across seemed to have lost or found a gold band. She brought it from the ground and asked us if it was ours. We both replied, “No” and she looked puzzled at whom may have lost it or where it came from. She attempted to slip it on her fingers and it did not fit, she then tried it on Teresa’s hand... and it did. She motioned for Teresa to keep it and we turned away when she said, “Well maybe you could give me some money for it?” So Teresa said, “OK” and handed her four dollar bills, the woman said, “How ‘bout ten?” And a conversation ensued about the value with a few more dollars exchanged, we left the woman and laughed about the interesting “find”. Not 500 feet later, another woman leaned over our path with a similar gold band, a similar story and we both continued walking and began to laugh at the folly... but it gets better... a short distance farther down the river, a man dropped the ring in front of us, at this point Teresa said, “You need one right, Laura?” We laughed and continued to walk; however, the persistent man followed us explaining how someone must have lost their ring, and I said, “Wow, they must have and she has one just like it” as I pointed at Teresa’s hand and laughed. He didn’t give up but continued to follow us, so I took the ring and said “Thanks!” He wanted payment but I stuck fast to my “No” then he told me to give the ring back and I said “No, because I knew he would just try the same scheme on someone else.” He was relentless and finally Teresa gave him four bucks and I walked away with the ring. A beautiful day in Paris, a few cheap rings, a lot of laughs and all under the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. Did I mention chocolate hazelnut bites or some great fromage?.. .
We met back up with David and hopped on a plane to Amsterdam had a double espresso and chocolate beignet in the Netherlands and then boarded our plane to Nairobi.

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12th September 2018

I am sure the rings are worth a fortune!

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