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February 3rd 2014
Published: June 5th 2017
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Monday morning Speck is up early and looking for monkeys. He heard they could be seen in Nyeri but has yet to find any. This day David has been recruited to drive the Mercedes to Nanyuki. At 11am Mother, Caroline, Karuoya, Daniel and Speck are all in the car and on the way. On route they stopped at Narumoro, where Baba Kimathi is a member of a cooperative that has constructed retail space for rent. There many souvenirs were obtained before continuing on to Nanyuki. Shortly before they reached Nanyuki, the car reached the equator, everyone debarked and photos were taken with a sign marking the equator.

Lunch at Muthui's was delicious, chicken, goat, 2 kinds of chapati, stew, potatos, and fantastic guacamole. Joanne Muthui had enjoyed seeing Speck and Caroline so much on Sat that she had written a letter expressing her desire to go to America with them, even to travel there in their suitcase. Speck ate so much that almost immediately after eating he fell asleep on the couch. When he woke up Muthui had arranged for a animal tour the next day. Originally Speck and Caroline were going to return to Nairobi that day but they decided to stay one extra night in Nyeri and return to Nanyuki so that Speck could see monkeys, (because Speck is a little simple when it comes to monkeys, he is like a 5 year old, just completely enthralled).

On the way back from Nyeri David stopped to buy carrots at the market, while he was purchasing them a man came to the window to speak to Speck. He declared them besties and asked Speck to pass a message on to Obama,"Don't let Uhuru Kenyatta join the ICC." Speck was not sure what this was but promised if he had the opportunity to then he would. Just as they started to leave Speck's bestie said lunch, and then supper, and then 100 shillings. Somehow Speck knew it would come to this, money always seems to come between friends. Speck and Caroline were still so full from lunch that they only had a little bone soup and porridge for dinner before going to bed, tomorrow would be an early day as they needed to be in Nanyuki at 10 am.

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