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Africa » Guinea February 16th 2008

Hi! I am back for at least another day. It has been an exciting week, flying from Cape Town to Conakry, Guinea, to the village of Koba (about 500 - 1000 people), and yesterday, we arrived in Kouroussa, a much larger centre. There has been lots of driving through the countryside, from the coast at Conakry, through the second largest town, Kindia, then central northeast to Koba. From Koba, we returned to Kindia and then headed west to Kouroussa - that trip was 11 hours of driving. Today, we are touring the Kouroussa project, then tomorrow we drive to Bamako. I have typed up a couple of days of what we had been doing, so will put each piece into separate entries after this one. Then, I hope I can write about Koba and Kouroussa. It ... read more

Africa » Guinea » Labé February 14th 2008

11 February 2008 Yesterday for dinner we went to a restaurant and ordered hamburgers. We got hard boiled eggs covered with a thin layer of ground beef swimming in a pool of oil and cold french fries. We opted to make our own dinner tonight and made pancakes with chocolate sauce, mexican eggs, salsa, guacamole, and garlic bread. A little random but amazing. 12 February 2008 Yesterday we went shopping. Kim and I got lost a couple times in the market and got about 20 marriage proposals. It's a time intensive process, so even though we were out all day we only bought about 10 items, all really random: tye-dye sheets, a foot brush, flip flops, a radio, a bucketm ketchup, a thermus, cups, and 3 meters of fabric which I'm using for a tablecloth and ... read more

Africa » Guinea » Conakry February 8th 2008

That's right, today 35 of us we're sworen in as Peace Corps Volunteers in the beautiful country of Guinea. We've officially started our 24 months of service! Crazy stuff. I'm really excited and nervous at the same time to be off, literally in the middle of nowhere, for a good while. We're chilling for awhile now, but I'll be off to my site for good on the 15th. This means a couple of things for you, random reader of the blog. First, I'm only going to have internet access once a month at most from now on. Second, you should send me real mail to communicate with me and to keep me sane. And third, you should me packages to keep me sane AND happy. :) These can get pricey very quickly though, so be careful. ... read more
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Africa » Guinea » Forecariah February 7th 2008

31 January 2008 I can't believe January is over. Everyone here will agree that December was one of the longest months of our lives but January just disappeared. I'm not ready to leave Forecariah. We only have 5 full days left here. That's crazy! I don't want to say goodbye to my family. I'm really gonna miss Oumou. I took for granted having a girl my age to talk to. She's a rare find here and I'm extremely grateful for her. Generally only guys can communicate easily in French (outside of big cities). All the women in their 20s stopped going to school long ago and probably have a couple kids and a house to take care of. It's the men (young and old) who have the language and time to talk to me. This is ... read more

Africa » Guinea » Labé January 24th 2008

Doing great, 2 weeks left of training. Visited my site this week. Wonderful. If you want to know where exactly ask my Dad, Nina, or Claudia. More random exerts: Sunday January 20 A Day in the Life 8:37 AM - Leave Counterpart Workshop in Bush Taxi with two other trainees and two of our Guinean Counterparts 8:45 AM - Lost my counterpart 8:50 AM - Stopped by driver's house, not saluated, not offered any rice. We're all offended. 9:04 AM - Stopped to get tires. 9:13 AM - Counterpart shows back up. 9:20 AM - Nick & Neil randomly find us. I meet my counterpart's brother. 9:30 AM - Leave Mamou! 10:22 AM - Breakdown outside Bouliwel. 11:45 AM - Tune up/bathroom break outside of Pita 12:30 PM - Made it to the PC office in ... read more
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Africa » Guinea » Kankan January 19th 2008

wow...finally installed my travel blog. i think its important to write thoughts down to remember and share. everything is so exciting and so much trouble before. organisation is really important - don´t forget anything you need...i cannot concentrate for my exams, thats quite awful.... read more

Africa » Guinea » Conakry December 22nd 2007

Random exerts from my journal over the past two weeks: December 8: Tonights my first night with the new family. There are supposedly about 15 people living in my house. I don't know if I've met them or not. My sister, Oumou, is in charge of me. She takes really good care of me. I have my own huge bedroom and bathroom. I'm so spoiled. Not to mention that it's dark it's dark and the electricity just kicked in. I have electricity! I'm so fortunate for everything here. My sister has been so patient with me. She holds my hand in the dark. People work all the time here. Even the little kids. Everyone is always doing something. I feel lazy because I don't know what I'm suppose to do or how to do it. My ... read more
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Africa » Guinea » Conakry December 7th 2007

So the illness set in a little sooner than expected, but that's life. I'm doing better already, running at about 80%. Not to shabby at all. I'm hoping for 100, because in the morning we're moving in with our homestay families. For our first and last days in Conakry we've just been meeting all of the staff and getting the basic overview of all that we'll be doing for the next three months. There are currently volunteers going through Training will us, so that has been extremely helpful. They've been answering our endless questions that range from "How do I get a dog?" to "How do I wipe my ass?" The past two nights we went out of the compound as a treat. Last night we went to a Middle Eastern restaurant that was very fancy ... read more
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Africa » Guinea » Conakry December 5th 2007

After months of multiple applications, blood samples, and random jobs I arrived in Guinea last night. I'm with a group of 36 other volunteers-to-be and we all sort of freaked out when we were waiting in Philadelphia for three days at our staging. The moment we landed in Conakry though it was like coming home. All the stress and anxiety immediately disappeared. I knew right away that I'd made the right choice. The streets in the capital are crazy and crowded. People are everyone at all times of the night. Driving is hectic to saw the least. I'm extremely grateful that I'm not allowed to drive awhile I'm here. My first impressions of Guinea are incredible. I've never seen such a beautiful country. Guineans are the nicest most hospitable people you'll ever meet. We're being extremely ... read more
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Africa » Guinea September 27th 2007

Early September was spent in the village, and as summer projects had wrapped up or petered out, there wasn’t much to keep me busy. The women of my courtyard were making shea butter from the nuts they’d collected in the fields all summer - a long, labor-intensive process. The cat was (and is) doing well, getting kinda chubby from all the critters she eats. She keeps the mice under control and snacks on crickets in her spare time. The neighbors love her for her pest-control services, and they always call her by her name - no one ever says “the cat.” One day Will, a fellow education volunteer who was equally unoccupied, called saying he’d like to come visit my local Hippo Lake. I was glad to have a visitor and something to do. We ... read more

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