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October 7th 2012
Published: October 7th 2012
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The babies were beautiful, healthy and well cared for at the orphanage for abandoned babies. Three will be on their way to homes very shortly. There were twin boys who have been adopted by people in Ohio and a girl who will be going to Alberta, Canada. It takes about a year before an adoption is completed.

When babies are abandoned on the street, they are most likely to be taken in by people who will eventually use them as servants/slaves. They will get no education and will not be considered part of the family. The director of the orphanage is trying to make information known about the place so that unwanted babies will come to them directly. Now, it is mostly police or other officials who will bring them in.

The Home is about an hour from port. It is in an enclosed clean spacious house with a yard. Currently, there are about 10 babies. But this new location will make it possible to care for more. The floors and porch have a bright white tile covering. Workers take off their shoes when entering. Each babe has a crib. There are baby seats (don’t know what they are called) for them when they are awake or they may just be on the floor or blanket with a care worker. The toys are in good condition. I saw baby tubs in the bathroom. They are dressed in western style baby clothes.

A few of us went to play and cuddle with the children. Unless there is some unrest in Conakry, a group from Africa Mercy will go weekly. On the way back to the ship, I saw a torched overturned car. It was the only evidence I saw from the disturbances of the past two weeks. Guinea Independence Day was this past week. After that things seemed to calm down. We are now allowed to go out of the neighborhood!

It is a quiet weekend here. It is a three day weekend for most of the crew and many are on shore and traveling.


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