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July 27th 2009
Published: July 27th 2009
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Well, things are so awesome's so much different than I thought it would be, and also so much the same. Red dirt roads everywhere, but not very hot- it's only 80 with a stiff breeze (whatever that means).

There is so much going on...very overwhelming. We went on a campus
tour today and had two lectures on different Ghanaian things and then
we have a dance class tonight. This campus is SOOOOO huge, it's
ridiculous! My classes will be on the exact other side of
campus...haha...seems like college will include exercise, whether at
HSU or here! I took a lot of photos but I will have to wait to attach
them since I forgot my cord at the dorms.

My roommate's name is Jasmin (pronounced Has-meen), and she's pretty
cool...20 yrs old and from SF, but not immature at all and easygoing.
Our dorms sure welcomed us...we were put in the International Hostel,
which was supposed to be the nicer dorm...but it turns out the older
dorms just got renovated, so our dorm is now the old one...and we'll
all be with International students only. Plus, they are like on the
very outskirts of the campus, farrrrr from anything! Right now, us 10
girls from the CSU's are the only ones there, so we have a huuuuge
square dorm building with a nice courtyard in the middle, with no one but
us. It's probably good though because the power's been out since we
got there...(just our dorm though- the street lights and other
buildings have light...hmmmm?) and the water is also currently out. Which means lots of stuff in the toilet and no way to flush it. I
am so glad I spent the summer at the cabin because I am totally the
only one used to not having electricity and water! Fortunately the
rooms are decent in size and we have an awesome balcony that looks out on the night market to the right and a huge unmowed field to the
left...very cool.

Yesterday, we went to the Accra mall- it was like the states, and costs justas much if not weird! We went to get mattress pads and
pillows...the malls are capped by supermarkets instead of
macy's...either way, it was disappointing to have such crazy prices,
so I didn't get anything but the essentials. It was very cool to ride
in a Ghanaian taxi tho- they drive absolutely nuts and the car was from the 70's or something. No seatbelts either! But, there were some sweet tunes playing, that's for sure 😊 The other cool things about the
trip was the PINK mosquito curtains I found...yeah that's right....
Africa knew I was coming 😊

Well, I hope this wasn't too overwhelming to read...more later!
I love you all, and miss you much 😊


28th July 2009

so excited for you
Robin- It's great to hear that you are doing well. I do worry about you..probably more than I need to but you are so far away. No running flushing really does sound like a good time ;0 Miss ya KY

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