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April 19th 2010
Published: April 21st 2010
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This weekend we went to Accra to drop Sophie off as she was flying to Kenya!
We stayed at a pretty budget hotel but it was pretty nice as there were no bugs and the bed was big enough to fit all 3 of us! 3.50 a night you can't really go wrong!

We decided as it was Sophie's last day we would do all the things in Accra we would do something very leisurely, we went to Accra Mall. Accra is one of our least favourite towns as it is very very very busy (much like any other capital I guess....) and there are open drains all over the place and its very dirty. It is handy in that the food is better and its just bigger but still.... we love our little village!
So we spent the better part of the day in the Mall which had air conditioning its that fancy. It is pretty much an american mall for the wealthy and the westerners who've moved to Accra. We then went for a very very very good meal at Mamma Mia's pizza restaurant. Another of our favourite places though it is a little expensive!

After saying good-bye to Sophie the next morning we then hopped on a tro-tro to HoHoe. We hadn't really organised ourselves as to how we were supposed to actually get there.... So at HoHoe we messed around in an attempt to find our way to Mount Afadjato (or Mt Afaja according to Courage who says the neding in the Afadjato means mountain in Ewe.....) in Liati Wote. We hopped onto a old old old trotro to our next destination!
Gideon had booked into a very nice guesthouse which was empty so we had the place to ourselves! We arrived in the early afternoon having not had lunch and decided to order it through the guesthouse even though they didn't have a restuarant. Now that was a mistake. The lady forgot to tell the local cook resulting in us venturing out at like 8 in the evening in search of food! We decided that a dinner of crackers and juice would set us up nicely for the mountain tomorrow!
The next morning we woke up bright and early to start our lovely tour! Dennis our tour guide was very relax and laid back in jeans and flip flops like most tour guides who give the false impression that what they're showing us is an easy climb/trek if that makes sense!

We strated the trek after a quick breakfast of malt milk biscuits and water. Another massive error. Halfway up the mountain both of us decided we could not go any further. After climbing Wli and feeling horridly dead afterwards we made the wise decision to stop halfway. Thats right we're massively unfit, we couldn't even climb the stupid mountain. And we're proud of ourselves. After Dave came back with the tour guide we climbed down and headed for the Tagbo waterfall! Which could possibly one of the best waterfalls we've seen! It was ridiculously peaceful and there was not another soul around. Made the whole trip worthwhile I think!

It was a sunday so there were no trotro's around so we had to get motorbikes to the where we could get a Tro. Now that was one of the best parts! However we managed to break our motorbike, we got a flat tyre so we had to wait a good half hour whilst they fixed it.... Poor Prosper and his bike!
We finally made it to the road where we couuld get a tro but had no idea which direction we wanted to face to get back to Ho. This was where lovely friendly policemen come in handy! he stopped every Tro going in the right direction to see if they were going to Ho. When he did find one he threatened the driver that if he took us to the wrong place or over charged us he would find the driver and punish him!
So we made our way home safe and sound to find a DVD player! Courage has been showing us a million African DVD's, they're quite interesting mostly but very dramatic! Gives Indian Soaps a run for their money!

Thats all from the weekend!

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23rd April 2010

Wow can't keep up with your epic travel updates. Grandma is looking forward to the next one and were all very envious back here!
24th April 2010

its good to see your getting about and enjoying your travels much love grandma x

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