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July 28th 2014
Published: July 29th 2014
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July 28, 2014

Yesterday was a crazy day. Some of the volunteers took the kids from the new orphanage to a beach. We cooked food for about 6 hours and then we packed it all up in 2 taxis and met the kids at Sango Beach. We cooked them spaghetti (with extra vegetables) and fried chicken. We also cut up a ton of fruit. In all we served food to 44 people. Despite all the work that went into the crazy morning and early afternoon seeing the children enjoying the food was so worth it. They don’t always get complete meals like that, so whenever we cook them food we try to have protein, carbs, and lots of nutrient filled fruits and vegetables.

The kids had a blast at the beach! Some of them got covered in sand, especially little Emmanuel who was rolling around in it. One of the volunteers Raphi got buried in the sand. Several of the volunteers helped some of the kids build a human pyramid. It was a chance for the kids to get out and have fun. One of the veteran volunteers who had been here since Dream Africa started helping the orphanage back in January left a couple days ago and the kids have been very sad about that. Another volunteer who’s been here for 7 months is about to leave. Josi was actually the one who organized the whole day for the kids. She got friends and family from Austria to donate money to the orphanage. With the donations she and Jamal will be buying more mattresses and bedding for the orphanage. Then she set up the day at the beach with the remainder of the donations.

The kids had so much fun. Whenever we bring a meal over and have a special night or outing the smiles on their faces and laughs of joy are worth every bit of work put into making everything happen. The six hours of food prep and cooking was nothing when ended up seeing how happy they were and how much fun they had. I would love to organize something for them. The other day one of the kids asked me what pizza is, which seemed like a shocking question to me because we order pizza all the time at the house. It just never crossed my mind that the most of the kids probably haven't had pizza before. I would love to organize a pizza party for them. It would take a lot of work and some money, but the kids would love it so much. I have this idea of having a pizza party and game night. The kids could make piñatas , which we would fill and they could bash. I doubt they've ever smashed a piñata. Whenever volunteers cook meals for them the money comes straight from our pockets or donations. I'm not necessarily trying to con money out of my friends and family, but things in Ghana are fairly cheap and the US dollar goes pretty far here. Anything would help. Look at my pictures and the smiles on the children's faces.

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Me and EricaMe and Erica
Me and Erica

I call her my shadow because she likes to follow me around all the time.
Hiswell and meHiswell and me
Hiswell and me

I call Hiswell my "Dimple Doppelganger" because the first time I walked into the orphanage the kids put their fingers into my dimples and said "Just like Hiswell.". Seriously, he's got the world's biggest dimples.

9th August 2014

Fun in the sand
Hi, wonderful blog. I shall give a donation thru Karen to your Mom. Elaine Teel

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