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December 14th 2009
Published: December 14th 2009
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"Tro" story"Tro" story"Tro" story

To get there, we took a tro tro, since it's only supposed to be an hour and a half trip. We were crammed in that bus for almost 2 1/2 hours because the traffic was particularly bad that friday night.
Bonjour all,

Well, finals have officially ended for me, the last was on Saturday. As I have mentioned, the school system is very different here, including how they do finals. Basically the examination period is three weeks long, and the exams consist of around 3-5 essay questions about the subject. You are given 2 1/2 or 3 hours to "write the exam," which comprises your grade for the entire semester. YIKES! I think I did allright, I am always overly critical of myself, so I probably did better than I thought, but there was one test that really gave me a run for my money. There are so many rumors floating around campus that no one actually grades the foreign students' exams, and they just give us good grades. I really hope that's not the case...except in one class, which I am positive I bombed. Just kidding! Anyway, If I did fail, at least I will have something to explain and talk about on my law school apps. I can see it now, "Why I got an F in Africa, etc, etc." Good thing the rest of my transcript is nearly perfect...easier to make it look like the teacher was
Best PalsBest PalsBest Pals

We were close before that tro ride, but were alot closer afterwards!
a wack-job. Well he was...but that's a whole different story. ANYWAY, my friends and I always say that we're "students of life" more than anything.

I think we have completed quite a few extensive studies of "life" this semester! Early on, Jessica and I went to Ada Foah with her boyfriend, where we were schooled in beach life, lol. Aptly named, we stayed at a little place called "Dreamland." (If you're ever in the area, do stop by...you will feel like you're in a dream. It's ran by a really swee European lady and there's good food and it's right across from the beach!) Since it was one of our first real "holiday" weekends, we spent the entire weekend talking ourselves into being okay with how easy life can be here in Ghana. At this point in my stay here, I was feeling really guilty because I came here for school...but then I got here and realized there's so much more to learn than the University of Ghana has to teach me.

Anyway, "Dreamland" sure eased us into our real life in Ghana, and moved us away from triping about how different it is than we thought it

Whoever came up with the name of the place was a genius!
would be. After that trip, I stopped apologizing for the good times I was having. I am learning about how life can be in a third world country, a perspective I am more than happy to gain. But sinceit's going to take quite a few more years of "real" school before I am able tocome back and work in places like Ghana, this year is the last time for a long time that I will get to take holidays like this.

So enjoy the pictures, know I am learning lots, and am really happy!

Love and Miss you,


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"The" Hammock"The" Hammock
"The" Hammock

we were good friends by the end of the trip
Faded GloryFaded Glory
Faded Glory

Ghana is the star of Africa! But it hasn't faded as much as this one has, if you ask me.
Welcome! (Akwabaa!)Welcome! (Akwabaa!)
Welcome! (Akwabaa!)

It was entirely welcoming.
Every part was cuteEvery part was cute
Every part was cute

Sorry, I know it's weird, but I thought these little outhouses were too cute not to show you!
Our roomsOur rooms
Our rooms

we took over this spot!
Sunset Sunset

They are extra special at Dreamland in West Africa
Just after the sun setJust after the sun set
Just after the sun set

It looked mystical
Bright and ShinyBright and Shiny
Bright and Shiny

Hi from dreamland!
It's not a complete paradiseIt's not a complete paradise
It's not a complete paradise

Yes, there was trash on the beach...poor sea turtles. See what happends when you make everything out of plastic?! We just didn't sit near it... eeeeeshhhhh.
Even the goats were in dreamlandEven the goats were in dreamland
Even the goats were in dreamland

catchin some zzzz's in the shade
View from the bathroomView from the bathroom
View from the bathroom

No joke! Look in the distance...you'll see the ocean :)
Bright Colors!Bright Colors!
Bright Colors!

Mom, what kind is this?
I had toI had to
I had to

It's just too pretty to not post both pictures of this flower!
John and MeJohn and Me
John and Me

My buddy John and I on the tro back home. Many laughs come from this guy!

This is Ghana for ya...perplexing as always

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