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August 30th 2009
Published: August 30th 2009
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I love to read trotro slogans and shop names here in Ghana, lots are religious, lots are funny, some are confusing and some make you think but they definitely make travelling around more interesting!

Anyway, so it may be a bit geeky but I thought I'd compile a list of some of the best one's I've seen so far and add a few photos of the ones I've managed to capture (you need to be a bit careful just taking random photos in the street - I've been shouted at a few times! And also don't carry my camera everywhere!)

Shop names:

- “Only Jah can judge” - auto spares
- “God’s Kingdom School of Pastries”
- “By His Grace Tea Joint”
- “Jesus is my friend Mini Mart”
- “Praise be to God chop bar”
- “Put your faith in Jesus chop bar”
- “Peace and Love Auto Electrics”
- “Vote for Jesus Cosmetics and Wigs”
- “Grace of God Nail Salon”
- "Praise the Lord Hair Cuts@
- " In Him I Trust Nails Clinic"
- "Proud of Jesus Chop Bar"
- "Divine chemicals"
- "God is wonderful furniture works"
- "Fear God Bakery"

Trotro slogans:

- “Go to church”
- “You lie bad”
- “God is my seatbelt”
- “Oh friend, why?”
- “Lover boy”
- “Blood of Jesus”
- “I want you to meet my father”
- “Wonderful Jesus”
- “Look sharp”
- On the front “sexual traps”, on the back “you never escape”
- “Few are chosen”
- “All shall pass”
- “Dr. Jesus”
- “Who is free?”
- “Respect the police, man”
- “No food for lazy man”
- “Some friends are bad”
- “Jesus is my portion”
- “What is your decision?”
- “Relax, yours is coming”
- “Be the miracle”
- “God can never lie”
- "Help me God"
- "Time will tell"
- "Hold your peace and God will fight for you"
- "It's only the beginning"
- "Wipe your tears"
- "Don't blame Jesus"
- "Judgement Day"
- "We live because He lives"
- "The great Allah"
- "Hallelujah computer man"
- "Pentecost fire"
- "I love you"
- "Think twice"
- "Zion"
- "Think about yourself"
- "God did it"
- "God has done it and will do it again"
- "Heaven's gate - no bribes" (One of my personal favourites!)
- "It is God" (Above a picture of Jesus with a lamb on his shoulder)
- "Lion of Judah"
- "Trust no one"
- "Some friends are bad"
- "Believe in God"
- "Lovers are few"
- "School boy"
- "Lover"
- "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom"
- "Victory ahead"
- "It could be you"
- "Take glory Father"
- "Graduate"
- "Good name"
- "Road to success full of potholes" (Another one of my favourites!)
- "God's time is the best"
- "Fine boy"
- "It is a lesson"
- "Do the right thing"
- "Life without Jesus is useless"
- "Jesus is life"

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11th February 2011

Ghanian tro tro slogans.
Great blog post. Thank you. I googled "African tro tro slogans" and found this. Don't know why it crossed my mind now, but I used to live in Ghana in the late 90's and my favorite was a tro tro called "There is no Hurry in Life". So funny for a bus that was always late. And a shop in my village called "Time is Money Cafe" It was just a roadside booth that sold peanuts and the dude was always sleeping. Good memories.

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