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September 11th 2019
Published: September 11th 2019
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Ghana Blog Week 11 2019Ghana Blog Week 11 2019Ghana Blog Week 11 2019

Me and Justice chilling by the pool.
Week 11

Monday, today represents my last week in Ghana for this summer which is very sad. So, this morning me and Justice made our way to the hotel, so that for the whole day me, Justice and my dad can go swimming.

When, me and Justice were in the swimming pool this old man wouldn’t stop looking at us it was very strange. I spent the whole day teaching Justice how to swim and I’m not going to lie he is actually sort of able to swim, but his legs are his only problem. Once, Justice got tired of swimming it was left just me in the pool, so I spent it sleeping/ relaxing, as it feels good to be in the pool in this hot weather.

After, swimming my dad invited me and Justice again for dinner, but my dad told me not to order too much food this time, as last night I wasn’t able to finish my food. So, for dinner me and Justice shared our food and we ordered peri peri chicken wings and fried rice, it tasted amazing, much better than the jollof rice. Once, we
Ghana Blog Week 11 2019Ghana Blog Week 11 2019Ghana Blog Week 11 2019

Justice practicing his swimming in the pool.
were done with dinner me and Justice made our way back to the house.

Tuesday, today me and Justice and my dad went to Malcom in the morning, as my dad wanted to do some shopping, before we leave on Friday. At, the store my dad brought a tea tray and a set of table mats and he brought me some soap, deodorant and some Crips.

After, shopping we went back to the hotel to go swimming again. But I had to wear my dads swimming shorts, as I didn’t want anyone to see my bamboo butt, as only 1 bum check was bright red, whereas the other bum check was completely white I couldn’t understand it.

For, the whole day me and Justice and my dad went swimming, as I was never leaving the pool my whole body was completely cooking. For, lunch me and Justice ordered chips and mushroom pizza, let’s say it took forever for our food to arrive, but when it came the chips were completely cold, but luckily the pizza tasted amazing, best pizza I’ve had in Ghana.

Wednesday, today me and Justice
Ghana Blog Week 11 2019Ghana Blog Week 11 2019Ghana Blog Week 11 2019

Mine and Justice's mushroom pizza and chips.
struggled waking up. So, we had our late kenkey at 10 AM. Once, we were done eating we headed straight to the hotel. At, the hotel my dad suggested for us 3 to go to the art centre, because today I can’t swim, as I’m too sunburnt. On, the way to the art centre we got stuck in every single piece of traffic it was crazy.

When, we got to the art centre we were greeted by so many people to go to there store. My dad brought a panting which the seller was selling it 250 cedies in which my dad was able to bargain the price down to 100 cedies me and Justice were so surprised. Then it was my turn to get a Ghana flag for my car. The seller was selling it at 25 cedies, but my dad got it too 10 cedies.

After, we dropped my dad off at the hotel me and Justice carried on going home. Once, we got home Justice decided to do his washing, which I sat next to him tokeep him company.

Thursday, today is a really good day, as this
Ghana Blog Week 11 2019Ghana Blog Week 11 2019Ghana Blog Week 11 2019

My dad bargaining for his painting at the Art Centre.
morning me and Justice went food shopping, as every time I come too Ghana, I always buy plenty of food to take home with me.

The first place we went to at the mall was the bathroom, as Justice was very desperate to go to the toilet. After, Justice visited the bathroom we went to the supermarket to go food shopping. Whilst, shopping I got very worried that I may not have enough money, as I only had 150 cedies. So, the final cost of the food was 64 cedies which was very cheap considering how much food I actually brought.

After, food shopping we went to the currency exchange, as I wanted to exchange my last 100 pounds ready for my next visit to Ghana. After, we exchanged my money we went to the milkshake stand and I ordered an Oreo milkshake it tasted so divine I loved it. After, enjoying my milkshake Justice wanted to buy himself some sunglasses, as he doesn’t own any.

Once, we dropped off all our food at home I did some of my washing, whilst Justice
Ghana Blog Week 11 2019Ghana Blog Week 11 2019Ghana Blog Week 11 2019

Walking to the restaurant for our last evening meal.
went out to get his shirt made. So, for an hour I was washing my clothes, so that when I get home, I don’t have a massive pile of dirty clothes. As, soon as Justice got home, we went to the hotel, as my dad invited us to have the last evening meal with him. So, me and Justice sat by the pool whilst my dad went to bath, so whilst being by the pool I couldn’t stop thinking about tomorrow, as I’m not yet ready to leave.

That, dinner was very good me and Justice shared the chicken and the fried rice again, which the waiter found that very funny. For, some reason the hotel put a lot of mosquito repellent around the restaurant which made the whole restaurant to smell very weird, as I don’t like the smell.

Once, dinner was completed me and Justice made our way back home to then go and buy some kenkey, as we both love kenkey so much. However, before eating the kenkey Eunice was round the house, so she watched me pack my suitcase ready for tomorrow. After, packing me and Justice ate our kenkey
Ghana Blog Week 11 2019Ghana Blog Week 11 2019Ghana Blog Week 11 2019

Walking to the pool.
and watched half of a movie and went to sleep.

Friday, today is a very sad/ bad day, as it’s the day I leave Ghana and go back to the UK, but luckily, I still have the whole day in Ghana before leaving in the evening.

So, that morning I woke up at 6:30 and finished packing, whilst Justice went out to get my dad some coconuts and for us some kenkey. Me and Justice needed to be at the hotel at 10, but because Eunice and our neighbour friend came around to say goodbye to me, I was 30 minutes late meeting my dad.

Whilst, dad was sorting out the suitcases me and Justice sat outside eating our last kenkey together. Whilst, eating a lizard came to watch which made me and Justice to laugh. After, eating for the rest of the afternoon we all went swimming and me and Justice were able to finish our movie. But seriously I am so happy, because now Justice can swim and isn’t scared of water no more.

At, 3:30 PM my dad went to the room to bath and told me I had 1 hour before I needed to be back in the room. So, for that 1 hour me and Justice went on a walk around the hotel grounds talking and for us to try not to cry, which was very hard definitely for me.

Once, it reached 4:30 PM this was the time we started to prepare for our leaving. When, dad was checking us out at reception me and Justice stood in the corner with each other and try to make sure not one of us cried. Then, the airport shuttle bus came so I had to hug Justice for the very last time, but I couldn’t hug for too long otherwise I would’ve burst out crying. When, the shuttle bus got out of the hotel we were stuck in traffic and I saw Justice standing on the roadside waiting for a trotro, so I quickly got my phone and called him, so that he could look at me, which was hard as, Justice wasn’t able to hear me clearly, but he managed to see me and waved at me. Then, at the same time his trotro went and my shuttle bus went at the same time.

At, the airport me and my dad managed to go through security very quickly. Then, for the next 3 hours me and my dad were sat in the lounge waiting to board our plane. When, it came for us to board our plane, this time I didn’t cry, because I was too distracted watching Aladdin and drinking hot chocolate before going to sleep. However, that plane journey home was so cold, it was horriable, but luckily this time I was able to sleep

Altogether, my time for Ghana is finally finished and honestly I am lost for words, as this summer was definitely a summer to remember, as so much has happened and I have learnt so much about me as a person and Ghana and its people. I want to say a huge thank you to Justice for looking after me for the whole summer and being the perfect boyfriend. I want to say thank you to Preseca Saviour Academy School for letting me to teach at the school for the fourth time, it crazy to think I have been to Ghana four times now! Thank you to Justice’s family for always being so loving and accepting me honestly you all made me feel at home. I can’t wait to see you all very soon in my next visit hopefully in December.

Bye for now!


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