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July 13th 2011
Published: July 13th 2011
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So, I've now changed project and host family. I've moved south by about 10 miles to a small village called Dominase. The house is a 4 roomed house with no running water (the water has to be collected from a well) and the toilet is a hole in the ground outside. Very different from my old house! As for the family, 3 live in the house: Host mother Josephine, Host brother called Richard (3 years old) and Josephine's sister (I think) called Eva. The father is in Accra at the moment trying to get a qualification to allow him to go into the oil industry (he is currently a miner).

The new project is also really different. It is far more admin based, as at the moment we are trying to raise funds to enable future projects. We are submitting (I don't really think I can say 'we' as I haven't had much to do with it) an application for a $14000 grant to enable an official formal teaching program for teachers to enable them to teach about sexual health, and give them the resources, effectively - due on Friday. This is an expansion of the current informal teaching that the project is involved with. We are also going to go to Accra next week to try and apply for funding from various organisations for an office refurbishment (with the hope that counseling and testing will be able to be administered there).

In other news, the NDC held their primary election between President Mills (the President does not get a direct route through like in America) and Nana Rawlings (wife of ex-President Rawlings, father of the modern constitution). Mills won by 2771 votes to 90. I think it is fair to say that the result is almost certainly due to the fact that Rawlings was female - Ghana still has a long way to go apparently.

Until next time,
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