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June 1st 2011
Published: June 1st 2011
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Sorry it has been a while again, but this weekend didn't involve much traveling so there isn't a huge amount to say.

On Thursday, Zufa was sick so we couldn't go to the MHC, however, on Friday we went to both a school and a prison. The school talk was to about 200 kids and apparently they found my accent a tad tricky to understand. It's always really tricky to articulate properly when shouting really slowly to a group of kids who don't have a brilliant grasp of the language, but Zufa translated when necessary. The prison, however, was completely different. We went along to try and organise a time to come in and the warden just said 'Come back at 12pm and they will all be ready,' to our complete surprise.

Before I talk about the talk I think I should talk about the prison itself. There are no perimeter fences (apart from around where the inmates sleep,) so it would be incredibly easy to escape. On top of this, the prisoners spend their days working, normally with machetes, whilst only 1 completely unarmed guard watches over them. Needless to say it was a touch daunting walking past them all the first time! The talk itself seemed successful, with the prisoners paying attention and asking a lot of questions (whether this was because they were interested or to stall working hours is anybody's guess,) and it was all translated by Zufa into Twi.

The weekend was very quiet. On Saturday me and Louise went to a nearby lake which is supposed to be really nice to swim in. The lake itself is huge, caused by a meteor strike, although unfortunately it rained all day so we couldn't really see the full extent of the lake or the surrounding picturesque hills, and I certainly didn't feel like swimming. We then got completely soaked on the way back as well when it bucketed it down on the way back, so all in all a great day! On Sunday all we did was relax.

My only other news really is that have done 2 more schools today and there is some talk about doing a radio broadcast, which will be good if it happens. Christa is going home in a week today as well which is a bit odd as that means I have been here nearly for nearly half of my time!

That's it for now so will update you soon,

Sam(uel) x


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