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June 22nd 2010
Published: June 22nd 2010
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Sunday June 20: Ghana

Today I had the chance to make my own batik t-shirt. Batik is a way to make designs on fabric and dye it many different colors by using wax. The group only had enough time to dye the t-shirts one color so I did a gold but my artistic skills were lacking on the t-shirt design. I don’t know if I will wear the shirt but it was really awesome to see the process of this fabric dying. After that we went to a kente weaving shop to watch and try to weave some. Kente is a type of weaving done in Ghana that takes a lot of time and patience. I got to try and weave some and it is physically tiring because not only did I have to use my hands to go through the strings but I had to use my feet to switch the strings; its hard to explain.
P.S. sorry Dad I couldn’t call and say Happy FATHER’S DAY!

Monday June 21: Ghana

Today was a long day on the road traveling from Ho towards Kumasi, I am not in Kumasi yet but like an hour or two outside of it. Today we drove for about an hour or two and made it to the Cedi Bead store where I was able to buy hand made glass bead bracelets that I love! That was just a short stop and had to continue on to the Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana (CRIG). I learned that there are many many different kinds of cocoa trees and that this institute produces most of the chocolate for Hershey and other distributors. Ghana has the best quality cocoa in the world and will soon be the largest distributor of cocoa in the world. Then we had to drive more, up and around a mountain to a hotel on the top of the mountain. I watched CSI, its nice to see an American show once in a while. Less traveling and more interesting/fun things will be happening in this last week in Ghana.

Tuesday June 22:

Woke up this morning and left the hotel on the mountain to drive to Kumasi. The past few days have been poorly planned and I am sad to say that I feel like I have been riding the bus so much the past week that I haven’t gotten the chance to do much fun. I know the next few days will be better because we are going to the gold mines, walking above the canopy, going to the beach, seeing the slave castles, and other interesting things. Hopefully I will have better internet the last few days I am here.


23rd June 2010

Sounds like it has been a great trip, Julia! You have done a good job of journaling your adventures......keep your notes to relive and enjoy your trip again and again in the future. I can't wait to hear about the last few days of your visit! Have a safe trip back to the States! - Toni

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