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November 17th 2005
Published: November 19th 2005
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Back in Kumasi. I have the time to upload some pictures I have been saving on my camera. Have a look.

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Red Face at Lake BosomtwiRed Face at Lake Bosomtwi
Red Face at Lake Bosomtwi

I am amazed that my whole face didnt peel off after that burn. This amazing lookout was only a short walk from the village we stayed in for two weeks. Behind me is the largest natural fresh water lake in all of West Africa.
Kakum is not for my momKakum is not for my mom
Kakum is not for my mom

This national park had an amazing canopy walkway, at times 40 meters off the ground. Our tro-tro driver, Sammy, came with us, but turned back on the first of eight suspension bridges. I saw Sammy later in Accra.
Elmina CastleElmina Castle
Elmina Castle

Despite a rather ugly history, the Cape Coast and Elmina castles are quite photogenic. We toured both castles in the same day. It was trying, but afterwards we had a very helpful conversation with an expat Rabbi who runs Panafest in Ghana. We didn't see the worst of tourism's influence. When the Rabbi got here fifteen years ago, directly above the Male slave dugneon was a restautant/bar.
Where is everybody in WinnebaWhere is everybody in Winneba
Where is everybody in Winneba

I can say that this is literally the most beautiful deserted beach I have been to in my life. With the exception of a few fishing boats and boys selling fresh coconuts, we had the beach to ourselves. This is especially amazing because to get to the beach we walked through a national university, maybe five minutes walk from the sand. I walked away this day with a lot of sand in my trunks, but it was worth it. The breaks weren't very clean but a couple came in that were body surfable.
Guano in Ghana?Guano in Ghana?
Guano in Ghana?

All those black specks in the photo are bats. I saw on the TV news that someone has proposed the sic the army on them because they are such an annoyance. I thought they might eat mosquitos, but I don't think that fruit bats have the taste for them.

19th November 2005

Yo, Can't blame Sammy for turning back on those bridges. Those look mad scary. Also, can you bring that beach back with you? I don't think we have any of those over here yet.

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