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March 25th 2008
Published: March 25th 2008
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This past weekend we went on a group trip with Mercy to Kumasi. Things, shockingly, looked the same, but since it was Easter weekend, many people were preparing for the holiday, and a fair deal of businesses were closed. We stayed at the Treasure Land Hotel, quite a swanky establishment. My bed spread was a lovely gold satin sheet- Asante gold was the running joke. Some of the highlights- the adrinkra and wood carving villages we visited, my Saturday spent in Kumasi market (the largest open air market in West Africa), the things (I’d be more specific but chances are if you love me enough to be reading this one of these things has your name on it) I purchased- which include two really fabulous belts. One of the belt buckles says BOSS on it- boss is used a lot here, but in a positive way. The other buckle is the Ghanaian flag in rhinestones with the black star in the middle- they most certainly will get a lot of wear. On our way back we took the scenic route and went through some of the mountains of the Eastern region- we saw the first cocoa farm in Ghana, as well as some really incredible views on our way up the mountains. I wish I was able to take some pictures, but through the van nothing came out and the road was too narrow to stop and take some.

Another weekend highlight was playing in my first baseball game here. We got back from Kumasi and then Shane and I ran to the field. We got there in the second inning, and were already to play some baseball. I caught for the third inning avd then they called the game for some reason- it still is unclear. Anyway the score: Tema 7, Legon 2- progress is being made. Moreover, some of Danny’s friends from the Ghanaian national tem were there so it was fun to play and then talk to them a bit after the game was over. Hopefully, I’ll be around for the next game…

Now that I’ve been here for something crazy like 7 weeks, I think, it’s time to do some real traveling. This Saturday Mercy is taking us to Lome, Togo for a day trip, to see the city, and also to re-new our student visa that expires after 60 days. I was planning on leaving for Mole national Park this Thursday, but communing with elephants and lions (hopefully), will have to be pushed back a bit to either Monday or Tuesday of next week- dahh, I really can’t wait. Who doesn’t love spending 16 hours on a bus? I don’t doubt it will all be worth it.


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