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February 24th 2009
Published: February 24th 2009
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OK ... I know it has only been a day or so since my last installment but I have to tell you one hilarious thing that happened to me yesterday. I was walking home after my "productive" day. I live by the bus station and was just talking with some of the guys who hassle me everyday; just passing conversation. I start to walk home down my dirt road and no sooner than I hit the road do I slip and catch myself just before my butt hits the ground. Everyone was laughing, including me, and I thought to myself what did I slip on? So I look down and see that I had slipped on a banana peel. Unbelieveable. I thought that only happened in cartoons. I laughed the whole way home. Slipping on a banana peel in Ethiopia. I am really going to remember the little things.


24th February 2009

This is definitely the best way to begin a work day!
24th February 2009

I've actually seen that happen once believe it or not. . .but it wasn't in africa so it wasn't as funny . .. but it was a 6'6" girls that was like 250 lbs. so maybe it was as funny . .. either way we both win! Hey man side note I sent that harmonica (finally) and I had written the slightly wrong address on it so it got sent back. . .it will be re-mailed correctly sir! Hope all is well buddy

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