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January 6th 2010
Published: January 7th 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

They mostly come at night...They mostly come at night...They mostly come at night... the Assosa Showcase cinema (mostly)
With some sadness the doors of the Assosa Showcase cinema have closed for the very last time.

Opened to all VSO volunteers and Ethiopian friends in February 2008, it started controversially when the "wrong" Sweeny Todd was presented to an expectant crowd!

Not the Hollywood Todd of Johnny Depp, but the - rather less sexy - BBC Todd of Ray Winstone!

Over the two years a variety of Ethiopians, volunteers, NGO staff and visiting Ferengi have graced the armchairs and sofa, watching Oscar winners and nominees (No Country for Old Men, The Wrestler), fun and adventure (Pirates of the Carribean, Hancock, National Treasure), animated classics (Wall-E, Finding Nemo) to visual eye-poppers (The Matrix and The Matrix Reloaded).

Nothing more than a borrowed LCD projector, some rearranged furniture and a laptop plugged into a stereo system; and opening once a month or so, it provided hours of entertainment to children and adults alike. (Popcorn and biscuits available on request).

With just one volunteer left in Assosa the institution ended on a high. Having wanted to show these films since the day I arrived, with various opportunities vetoed or missed, I finally got to show two of my
Cake break?Cake break?Cake break?

That doesn't normally happen in the middle of Aliens! Sacrilege!
favourite movies of all time.

On Saturday Brehanu, Mihret, Bekema and Mulatu joined me for a screening of Alien - the Sci-Fi Horror masterpiece.

On Sunday, my three closest friends from Assosa - Debebe, Bekema and Mulatu - sat down to a full-monty director's cut of James Cameron's Aliens.

In fact, given Lieutenant Ripley's seminal role for challenging gender stereotypes, I could even argue it was part of the VSO programme 😊

Bekema got it.

Debebe liked it.

Mulatu loved it!

So that's it.

The films will be handed over to Bekema for screening at his DSTV on "no-football" days.

The LCD projector returned to the Bureau (it was only ever borrowed for a night at a time).

The audience returned to their homes and the neighbours went back to sleep! 😊


This is Alan, last survivor of the VSO Assosa Showcase, signing off...



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