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May 19th 2012
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Greetings dear friends,

We are currently pulled up to the shoreline of the Nile. A donkey Eeeaws behind me As awarm breeze Touches my shoulder. Arabic conversation flows amongst the crew. It is HOT! We have had an incredibletrip so far, so amazing anda surprising and touching! We are loving being so fully pampered and cared for! Having delicious food prepared for us as we watch scenes from the ancient pastfloat by.

This morning wefewer up at dawn,a about 5:30, and walked along the right inot a group of 3generations of men and boys who were eatingI read likely baked in a clay oven and cheese. They invited us to join them for tea and bread, which did humbly did.

I am typing on a borrowed iPad soapologize for mistakes! We were walking along the river and we ate bread , is what I meant to say above 😊!

We are preparing for a night visit into the temple of Horus! We have had amazing experiences at each temple, often magically finding ourselves there aloneor sometimes planned and sometimes it is complete luck. OurEgyptologist has beena great and has gotten us into places that no one else gets into.

We have worked with setting intentions for what we would like to see in the world. Tonight will be a special Night. We invite you to focus with us, given the upcoming elections in Egypt, on what you would like to see in political leadership, in Egypt and,or in the world. We will be in the temple of Horus who stands for leadership and have organize our own private visit.

We have some great photos to share when possible. We are staying healthy and have found our encounters with the Egyptians to beevery warm and friendly.

Sending each of you love from the Nile!


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