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February 10th 2009
Published: February 10th 2009
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Hey all so I have an hour break right here between classes and am in no mood to write my paper so I thought why not post something here? Not that I feel anyone really reads this too often... anyways so this week here at school is called RAG week... stands for something along the lines of raise and give. But yeah besides the point prettymuch what it means is that everyone is just drunk all day long and the school sponsers all these crazy events and the clubs and pubs get it on it too... basically just the best week ever. Yesterday I saw tons of people just walking around campus with bottles of cider and beer and just shamelessly whipping out flasks and at 11am there was already a line out the door of one of our campus bars and there had to be security there because there were so many people that they had to wait for someone to leave before they could let another person enter.. crazy business. ALSO the school is sponsoring this one even where it is advertised to have male and female strippers... it's just all such a shock to me can you imagine the U of M sponsoring something like that?! other than that umm last weekend I went to the town of cobh HA woah wait rewind I just was informed that there is a foam party today at 3pm haha oh my gosh this place is out of control. but yes so went to the town of cobh (thats cove for all you non-irish speakers) anyways its used to be known as queenstown so I dont know how up to date you all are on your titanic knowledge but it was built in galway and then it's last stop before it's fateful voyage was queenstown. So yeah super cute port town... but least happenin place ever perhaps. Although all was not lost for we acquired a frying pan, sponges, and dish soap all of which we were in need of! the best part is that we bought them at this place called the discount store that advertised in it's windows how it was having a huge sale... haha yes. OH yes and I should probably mention how we got creeped on by so many men there... well lets be honest they were probably boys but yes I will just give you a taste so we were sitting on this wall waiting for this museum to open (we later... like 40 minutes later...found out that it was closed for the season...) anyways waiting for it to open and this car of boys drives by and hollers at us and well A i almost fall to my death off the wall because I was just in my zone taking in the scenery and yeah could NOT handle all that ruckus but then I recompose and literally 5 minutes later they are back and do the same thing! this happened like 4 times while we were waiting! and then we had these other guys -who clearly lived in the town- follow us through this showcase about the titanic which they were clearly not interested in... and then this one car was driving by and just stopped as we walked by and then continued driving.... and then this ohter guy just ran up to us and was like are you guys going for a pint at Thaybes? and we were just really taken aback (well actually I just didn't understand what he said I thought he asked us if we were spending the night haha) anyways yeah clearly there isn't much to do in that town even if you live there. So we had a fire alarm go off again yesterday and I don't think any of you expect possibly Ali understand our relationship with our landlady ill try to explain it quickly... so her name is margaret- in the privacy of our apartment we call her marge and pretend that we are best friends. although the other week we accidentally called her marge to her face... our bad but yes we literally call her like twice a week because things are always going wrong.. anyways so yes fire alarm I take my sweet time making my way to the lobby actually get all the trash and recyclables to bring down too but yes im on my way down and boom! i get shoved and turn around and it's no other than marge! then like two seconds later she's movin so fast that she misses a stair and nearly goes tumbling down the entire flight of stairs! haha as mean as it may sound that was one of the funniest things ive seen in a while OH and awkward yet funny so in my room we have a whiteboard and it has each of our names on it kind of like our statuses well yes right now they all pertain to marge and we are just waiting for her to come in and see it lets see if i can remember them : I'm getting drunk with marge, Gina is a marge-a-holic, and Kathryn is the marge whisperer haha oh yes and the only rule with that is you can't update your own status... wow this is getting long and im just rambling. oh and i suppose I should head to class last time I wrote my momma a long e-mail in between classes I ended up missing class because I lost track of time!


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