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Africa » Central African Republic » North March 21st 2017

So.... I've fallen behind of late. I have been doing the odd celebration, but mostly because they are British or religious. I am in the process of catching up. So here is the rest of March (most of which were celebrated on time and I never got round to blogging). April has been a little bit hectic, but I'm catching up with them now. 21st - World Down Syndrome Day - Odd Socks - The idea behind the campaign is that people will ask why you are wearing odd socks and you can discuss Down Syndrome. I usually wear odd socks, so on this day I wore matching ones. One of my colleagues did comment and we had a lovely discussion. 22nd - Osatara (neo-paganism) - I put together a pagan altar. Candles, gem stones, incense, ... read more

Africa » Central African Republic October 1st 2015

Dzanga Sangha is a National Park situated in the Central African Republic and listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This reserve is the place inhabited by unique animals - forest elephants. Forest elephants differ from their relatives savannah elephants in several ways-taste preferences, behaviour and a smaller size. Forest elephant is 2 meters in height and has very thick hair. They inhabit the tropical forests of equatorial west and central Africa but the largest population of these species live on the territory Dzanga Sangha. The role of the elephant in the reserve is unique as it regularly disperses seeds over unprecedented distances and also damaging the branches of the trees providing light to the plants and bushes of the "second layer". Also these hard-working inhabitants of the rainforest compensate the lack micronutrients in the ... read more

Africa » Central African Republic October 8th 2014

Ba'aka Pygmies are known for their music and songs that are as old as the world. Four and a half thousand years ago, the Egyptians discovered this diminutive people in the upper reaches of the Nile and just as we are now had been fascinated by the beauty of the voices this ethnic group. Pygmies express their feelings and emotions in their great melodies. No wonder that Ba'aka were proclaimed one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Enchanted by the beautiful voices which sound like bird twittering or the wood elves'cooing, we're going to hunt. Pygmies are known as hunters who succeed in capturing large animals. Not long ago they hunted forest elephants and lowland gorillas using a home-made bows, wooden arrows and woven grass network. Weaving a network ... read more
Pygmies Baka
Louis Sarno

Africa » Central African Republic September 30th 2014

I'd like to tell you about my journey to the Central African Republic. I have two wonderful friends, with whom with a glass of wine I can spend hours discussing books and articles having read recently. One cold Moscow evening we were talking about the most famous politician- dictator and the cannibal in the history of Africa .Thus I first learned about the sadist, murderer, tyrant and the most famous high-ranker cannibal Jean-Bodele the Bokassa. Jean-Bedel the Bokassa ruled the Central African Republic for almost 13 years. It is interesting to know that his specific gastronomic habits revealed themselves when he was 19 years old when the future ruler served in the French Army. Once during one of the raids, it was a Vietnamese military company at that time, Bokassa was lost deep in the jungle. ... read more
Jean-Bedel Bokassa
Forest elephants

Africa » Central African Republic September 30th 2014

The armed coup has occured in the CAR, Fights with the rebelts in the capital... and the plane with a group of desperate travelers are landing at the airport. "Isn't that all?! Flied off... " The crew is lowering the ramp, we are being met by a military escort on he land. The level of adrenaline in the blood is going off scale. I feel the pulsing artery under the cerebral cortex.We are being taken away for questioning. In a small stuffy room the representative of the interim government of the country begins to fulfill his duties. All the furniture in a shabby room consists of a table and two chairs. The expected questions: " Who are we? What are we doing in the CAR? What is the purpose of our visit? What are we looking ... read more
Pygmies Baka

Africa » Central African Republic » East » Bangassou January 16th 2014

Cela fait tellement longtemps que je n'ai rien écrit sur le blog que je ne sais plus par où commencer... En 2010, j'ai commencé à rédiger ce blog alors que je m'apprêtais à partir un an seule à l'aventure. 4 ans plus tard, j'ai voyagé dans une vingtaine de pays et pourtant l'envie de bouger et de faire de nouvelles rencontres est resté intact, voire s'est même amplifié. En cette fin d'année 2013 j'ai d'ailleurs mis le pied en Afrique et j'ai retrouvé un sentiment que je n'avais plus eu depuis 2010 : l'inconnu total, la surprise des premiers instants dans un endroit qu'on a jamais vu mais tellement rêvé, les nouveaux paysages, les visages, les odeurs, les contrastes de couleurs... En une seconde l'émerveillement me rappelle pourquoi j'ai choisi cette vie d'aventures et de lendemains ... read more
Les enfants nous souhaitent une bonne annee
Aterrissage a Bangui, avec le camp de 100000 refugies en arriere plan
Débarquement avec les valises !

Africa » Central African Republic » South July 16th 2009

My sister had arranged for us to go camping with her BaAka (pygmies) workers in the jungle for a couple of nights. She couldn’t stay the whole time so she was going to head back after the first evening. In all it was going to be the 9 guys who worked for her, 4 of their wives, and 8 kids. We packed our stuff and walked about 5km to Mossapola one of the BaAka villages to meet up with some of her workers. Some people were going to meet up with us later so a few of us headed out it was about another 4 km walk through the rainforest to get the river we were going to camp by. We got to the area where the BaAka decided we should camp. It was literally just ... read more
Me walking
BaAka kids
Making the camp

Africa » Central African Republic July 15th 2009

This was a some what of a spur of the moment trip. My friend the lonely planet writer wanted to head down to the Congo to continue the rest of his trip through central Africa via the Sangha River which runs along the borders of the Central African Republic, Cameroon, and Congo. He asked if I wanted to go with him down to the Congo. The plan was that that we would hire a pirogue and head to Bomassa in the Congo, which is about 80 km away. (A pirogue is nothing more than a hollowed out tree that has been fashioned into a canoe. It is the dominate form of transportation on the river, and it has probably been that way for a very long time). We would go together to the Congo and then ... read more
Me in a pirogue
The motorbikes
Loading our pirogue

Africa » Central African Republic July 13th 2009

Elephants One of the few tourist attractions in the Central African Republic is located down near Bayanga. Where there is a national park that has elephants and habituated gorillas (habituated means that after years of work researchers have been able to get one family of gorillas used to people enough so that you can get close to them). There is a big watering hole called Dzanga Bai where all the elephants come to drink because the area is rich in mineral salts. The place is more of a giant mud pit than anything else, surrounded by a dense jungle. To get there we had to rent a truck and go off-roading through the jungle for about 40 minutes. Then it was about a half hour hike through the jungle. Our guide made a serious sounding comment ... read more
Elephants 2
Gorilla Silhoute
Gorilla 1

Africa » Central African Republic July 6th 2009

Bayanga Bayanga is a small town sitting on the banks of the Sangha River in the southern most part of the Central African Republic near the border of Cameroon and the Congo. There are several thousand people living here. Most came for to work for a logging company, which has closed leaving a lot of people with out jobs. Most of the buildings are made from wood with bamboo leafs for roofs, but here are a few concrete buildings. Outside of town is where a lot of the BaAka (pygmies) live. Their homes are often constructed from sticks and bamboo leaves making an igloo like structure. There is a small center of town where there is a few small shops selling goods. The biggest is run by a Lebanese guy who seems some what out of ... read more
Bayanga road
My sisters african family
Peroge on the river

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